In sports it’s all neatly worked out. One side of the stadium is the cheering section of the home team, and the other side is the cheering section of the visiting team. You don’t have to risk getting embroiled in a drunken brawl by displaying unwelcome affection and encouragement for the wrong team.

Politics, however, shows no sign of such advanced behavior. Sure, you can wear the buttons and wave the banners of those you hope will be convinced you’re all for them, but it’s a dangerous game.

The House Democrats would like us to believe they are scandalized that one of their progressive prodigies, namely Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, has committed the cosmic blunder of repeatedly making anti-Semitic slurs, and when called out on it has rattled off “apologies” without one whiff of contrition. Congresswoman Omar invoked the familiar slanders that Jews have a higher loyalty to the state of Israel and that Jews are trying to buy the world, and she came up with fresh anti-Jewish accusations, such as that Israel has succeeded in “hypnotizing the world” to gain influence.

Sorry, Dems, but it’s too easy to see the painfully obvious proof that you’re not all that upset at your party’s true “values” being revealed.

I don’t know if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has a therapist, but if she does, that therapist will need a therapist as the House speaker cries forth her misery over how “independent-minded” Omar and her “Amen” partner, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, have treated Pelosi to the exquisite humiliation of showing the world she can’t control her caucus amidst two freshman children’s influence and caused the Democratic Party to sound ever so slightly like the Nazi Party!

“So long, Jews! We really don’t need you any more (although we still expect most of you to keep the votes – and checks – coming)!”

Today’s Democrats have misery enough without alienating the most unshakeable (until now) Democratic Party loyalists of all. The last time anything this breathtaking occurred in politics was when the third grade children of Belgrade stormed out of their classrooms and marched to protest Prince Paul’s pact with Hitler in March of 1941. The march of the 9-year-old children went viral, and by nightfall the government had been overthrown and Yugoslavia went to war against Germany. American Democrats now have their own “Diaper Rebellion” (but not in a good way).

Now here’s what made me want to throw the piano through the plate-glass window. Jews like me, who know what a hate-fueled liar Ms. Omar is, wanted some stomp-down action, some meaningful justice. Nobody expected the Democrats to do what the Republicans would have done (and have done) when one of their own reveals such prejudice. We may have known better than to expect her summary removal from committee assignments and a public rebuke by name, but we wanted to see how close the Democrats would come.

They didn’t come close at all. They simply put forth a resolution that omitted Ms. Omar’s name and extended the renunciation of anti-Semitism to include all bigotry of all kinds, which leaves Omar not even slightly inconvenienced nor in any way called to task.

Yes, the Democrats knew Omar had committed a cosmic blunder, but apparently not cosmic enough to warrant any untoward consequences for her vicious slander against the Jewish people. Imagine the jury in a grand larceny case returning to the courtroom and telling the judge, “We’re a hung jury on this particular crime, but we did manage to compose a nice little essay on the evils of crime in general.”

That’s what the Democrats given us, a nice little essay boldly declaring, as one critic characterized it, “We are against everything bad and in favor of everything good.”

A young rabbi once asked an older rabbi, “I hear a lot of people say they have nothing against the Jews, that they’re only opposed to Zionism. Tell me, when someone says he’s anti-Zionist, does that mean he’s also anti-Jewish?” “Not necessarily,” said the older rabbi, “but almost always!”

If Israel’s enemies were to lay down their arms, that would be the end of war. But if the Israelis were to lay down their arms, that would be the end of Israel.

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