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How to bring good from New Zealand attack

Terrorist Brenton Tarrant’s murderous attack at the Al Nor Mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand, Friday left 50 dead and 50 wounded.

Tarrant deserves global condemnation. It matters not to me whether the attack took place in a mosque or a Muslim sausage factory. It was wrong, and Tarrant deserves to die in jail.

Muslims around the world are saddened, fearful and outraged. And they should be. No people deserve to be slaughtered as those worshipers were. As an American I can empathize with their loss and their feelings of disbelief. I can relate to their fearful questions regarding what motivated Tarrant to commit such a grievous act.

I can empathize, because as an American I’ve experienced the same feelings and voiced the same questions, which brings me to my point. No real Christian should wish evil upon people for the atrocities they commit against us. Ergo, I am not rejoicing when I make the following point.

It’s my prayer that good comes from this horrific evil, because it causes Muslims around the world to realize how I and other Americans felt:

This is a time for Muslims worldwide to reflect upon how Americans felt watching newsreels and seeing still photographs of Muslims beheading Daniel Pearl, Nick Berg, James Foley and Steven Sotloff. And how Americans felt seeing these same Muslims playing catch with the severed heads of those just mentioned.

This would be a golden moment for Muslims to think about how Americans felt after the San Bernardino, California, murders of co-workers by a Muslim couple. They should think about how Americans felt after the Muslim terrorism at the Boston Marathon and the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida, that left 49 Americans dead and 53 wounded. They should think about the suffering of family members of the Fort Hood murders by a Muslim serving in our military.

Now would be a good time for Muslims worldwide to reflect upon the loss of life, pain and suffering in the aftermath of their unprovoked attacks in Paris, Malaysia, the Philippines, Africa, the U.K. and the rest of the world.

I’m not trying to rub salt in an open wound, nor am I being insensitive. I’m saying this is a perfect time for Muslims worldwide to come together and reflect upon the global loss of innocent life caused by killers in allegiance to their religion.

If that were to happen, good would come from evil. But they will not do that. Their leadership will spin tales of woe and prescribed acts of violence against them. They will expect and insist that the world not just mourn their loss, but reinforce and establish protocols to protect and legitimize Muslims’ murderous rampages.

Reps. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., and Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., will ratchet up their anti-Semitic attacks from the U.S. Congress against Israel; and Muslims will continue to openly call for the death of Israel and her people.

What happened to the people in that mosque in Christchurch is unjustifiable in every quantifiable definition of the word. But so is what Muslims have been doing around the world for centuries, including their murderous religious rampages against the global humanity of today.

“Beheadings, suicide bombings and ritual mutilation are not just strategies of war but time-honored traditions that are theologically sanctioned. To relegate these acts to mere terrorist tactics is not only strategically unwise but diminishes the true nature of the threat. Similarly, to designate enemies as religious fanatics, Islamic extremists, insurgents or radical militants who have corrupted the peaceful religion of Islam is a politically correct fallacy that is undermining every aspect of the war on terrorism and resulting in the death of [Americans]. [The] apparently inexplicable violent acts committed … [are] the sacred blood rituals of mujahedeen warriors. … They are theologically prescribed and communally sanctioned. … To analyze the violence from a Western perspective, sugarcoating by the media of violent aspects of the Islamic religion, and failing to recognize that we are in the midst of a century-old holy war, will only serve to perpetrate a never-ending cycle of reciprocal violence.” (See: “Mujahideen Blood Rituals: The Religious and Forensic Symbolism of Al Qaeda Beheading” by Dawn Perlmutter; Institute for the Research of Organized and Ritual Violence LLC; Fall 2005/Winter2006.)

Again, this could be the perfect time for Muslims to show the world that they are interested in embracing modernity, but I suspect they will use this satanic atrocity to foment victimology and feelings of guilt, all the while ignoring the pain and suffering they continue to inflict on a global scale.