Ivanka Trump recently moderated an executive round table about how to help business in the United States. She and her father, President Trump, appeared on TV March 7 with the members of the round table, including the CEOs of Apple and IBM. At that session, several of the business executives asserted that their main obstacle to more business growth was a need for more qualified employees. Their requested solution was to allow more green-card and H-1B immigrants into the country.

That is the worst thing the nation could do to address this need for more workers.

Why is America suffering from not enough available workers? Simple: For the last half century, the U.S. suffered from too few births to American citizens. Today, the birth rate in the U.S. is 1.7 per woman, while at least 2.1 is needed just to sustain the population. Not enough births are occurring to replace those people who age and die. Of that 1.7, white women are at 0.9, while blacks are a little above 2.0. All the growth to the U.S. population is from immigrants with birth rates well above 3.0.

Canada, Europe, Japan, China and Russia all suffer from the same problem – birth rates that are too low. This problem is so bad for white women throughout the world that the population of Caucasians dropped from 900 million (a quarter of the world population) to 700 million (10 percent of the world population), while the total world population doubled in size. At this rate, the world white population will shrink to 500 million (5 percent of the world population), while the world population increases to 10 billion from the current 7.2 billion.

Prior economists asserted that the birth rate fell because of weak economies. Current feminists assert that women should not have children because of global warming. Both are excuses for not having children, not the root causes. This low birth rate started 50 years ago through good and bad economies, as the draft was eliminated, Roe v. Wade went into effect, more women enrolled in college and socialism/secularism increased in popularity. This is all about lifestyles.

If the population of a country is not growing, as in Russia, China, Japan, Germany, then the only way that the economies of those countries can grow is by increasing exports – which makes them dependent on the economies of other countries as their customers. That is the main reason why all of those economies are suffering economically today: too much dependence on exports, no internal growth of consumption.

Those Americans who were born in the early 1900s are called the Greatest Generation. The weathered the Great Depression, World War II, Korea, even put a man on the moon. They created the baby boom from 1945 to 1965, which fueled the greatest economic boom in the history of the world, from 1975 to 2005. They were overwhelmingly capitalists and Christians.

If you take the countries of the world and sort them into groups according to dominant race for each country, you will find that the more socialist/secularist countries in each racial group also have the lowest birth rates in each group.

As stated in my books, the United States government was well aware of this low birth rate problem as business executives lobbied for more immigrants more than 30 years ago. Just like addictive drugs, immigration is an easy immediate fix with long-term dangerous side effects if used too long and too often. Immigration is outsourcing births with all the same negative effects of outsourcing product manufacturing. Made in America needs to apply to births, not just products.

When immigration was introduced to offset the low birth rate, the H-1B, H-2B and green-card programs were meant to be short-term gap programs until the nation could implement programs to increase the “citizen” birth rate. Well, as with most government programs, short-term gap became long-term permanent.

President Trump is attacking the low birth rate problem with tax reforms, with cuts to immigration, with pro-religion statements and with a focus to make America great again. More needs to be done. More can be done. But allowing more immigration will just prolong the problem and eventually kill the America we all love. Businesses will take the short-term gap fix and ignore doing anything about the long-term reality.

American businesses need to go cold turkey to kick the habit of reliance on the drug of immigrant employees. That is the only way business will support what is necessary to fix the low birth rate. By reducing legal immigration and stopping illegal immigration, some very smart government and business executives will be forced to come up with some very creative fixes to the low birth rate. If they use immigration, then this problem will fester and even grow worse as with any other addiction.

My books cover several fixes to the low birth rate:

  1. Reinstate the draft. Every man and woman must serve at 18. A choice of public service or military, but all must serve. No deferments.
  2. At least a $12,000 tax deduction per child until 22 to encourage child birth from those who can afford children, and then increase taxes on childless adults to pay for it.
  3. Child care leave and on-site child care at work.
  4. Pro-family high school classes (home ec, cooking, etc) and pro-family entertainment.
  5. A pro-life country/society. No government funds to those who provide abortions.
  6. More high-tech education and trade offerings in high schools.
  7. More capitalism/religion, less socialism/secularism.

Look at Hungary. It is shutting down immigration and attacking the birth rate problem head-on, which will pay “yuge” dividends for Hungary in the long run.

Do Ivanka, Donald, Nancy, Mike, Mitch and Chuck want to be known as great leaders when the history books are written about them? Then fix the low birth rate. Reject any increases to immigration. Stop the business addiction to immigration. Go cold turkey. Make business and government get creative to solve the low birth rate problem just as the Greatest Generation got creative to solve its problems.

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