It’s more than high time to face facts about our so-called Department of Justice, now under the less-than-nominal control of its chief law-enforcement officer, President Donald J. Trump, and the two-faced do-nothing frightened Republicans in Congress. No matter how much false promotional hype you hear on Fox News to boost prime time ratings, or the futile pleas of my former colleagues and “document mavens” at Judicial Watch, do not expect any of them to redress the rampant corruption and sedition of the James Comeys, Rod Rosentsteins, Andrew McCabes, Bruce Ohrs, Peter Strzuks or Lisa Pages, who continue to infest the “Capital of Corruption.”

First, there is what I have come to call the “Department of Injustice.” Having moved former Attorney General Jeff Sessions aside and replaced him with “over the Capitol Hill” establishment Republican William Barr, do not expect anything in terms of real justice coming out of my once-proud alma mater. It has become more than a bad joke. Instead the Department, infused with 97 percent of its lawyers who are rabid Democrats and pro-Clinton/Obama loyalists, has simply become a “protection racket” for political criminals of the left.

Barr, a rank-and-file Washington D.C., political insider of the highest order, is in effect a caretaker to preserve the status quo. Just ask yourself, Barr having been in power (if you want to call it that) for several weeks, why is it that he has failed to announce either the appointment of a special counsel (go to Freedom Watch to sign our petition) or even an internal investigation of scandals such as the Clinton email scandal, Fusion GPS, Uranium One or for that matter anything else that touches on Democrat and leftist corruption? Instead, Barr’s so-called major announcement turned on elder fraud. Perhaps he was talking about his own! Give us a break!

Second, there is the blowhard Lindsey Graham, the new chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, following the increasingly worthless reign of the bewildered and dazed Senator Charles Grassley. Graham, who many have been fooled to believe had a miraculous conversion to conservatism after his calculated theatrics during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, is in essence still his disingenuous self. While House Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and her vicious henchman Jerold Nadler (chairman of the Judiciary Committee) and Adam Schiff (chairman of the Intelligence Committee) have already launched their version of “witch hunts” of the president, where has Graham been in fulfilling his “promise” to investigate Democrat and leftist corruption? Apparently hiding in the fashionable dark boudoirs of Georgetown, Graham is nowhere to be found, unless invited to stroke his own ego on Fox News. Is he afraid of being smeared with dirt the Dems and their Deep State intelligence agencies may have on him?

Months ago, I approached Graham in the hallways of the Senate Hart Building after he had conducted one of his patented self-congratulatory “impromptu” press conferences. Afterwards, I came up to him with one of his top aides at his side, advising him of a whistleblower who had information about the wholesale violation of constitutional rights by the intelligence agencies. Graham, feigning alarm – indeed, he is a great actor – then asked his aide to give me his business card so we could set up a later meeting. But you guessed it, that meeting never occurred.

Nor did other attempts to meet with him come to pass after I used an intermediary from Graham’s South Carolina to get his attention. And, not a peep out of “Little Lindsey” – not just on this serious matter, but also his promise to begin real investigations of the long outstanding Clinton-Obama-DOJ and FBI law enforcement scandals! What takes so long when the hateful Jerold Nadler and Adam Schiff have already put their investigations into high gear? The former issued 81 document requests to key actors in and around President Trump and gave a public forum to convicted liar and criminal Michael Cohen; and the latter collaborated with Cohen and his unethical lawyer Lanny Davis, a Clinton loyalist and confidant.

I have never been one to ask others to do the job which the American people must do for themselves. I do not get down on my knees and beg! Indeed, when I conceived of and founded Judicial Watch on July 29, 1994, and then ran it as chairman and general counsel for about 10 years before I left to run for the U.S. Senate in Florida (a bad decision, I must confess, as I am better and more effective from the outside) my modus operandi was to be the People’s Justice Department, which is my Freedom Watch’s current mission. My operating procedure was thus to “forget” about government and to seize the initiative. Today, is their still any choice at this point – particularly since deceit and corruption in government and our legal system has metastasized into a stage-four cancer on our body politic!

But as a perpetual optimist, I always held out hope our government institutions would someday wake up to the need to serve We the People, not continue to slither about like snakes in the D.C. swamp.

Indeed, if the Republicans could take a page from the Democrats and launch no-holds-barred investigations of the never-addressed Clinton-Obama and other leftist Democrat scandals, they could easily succeed at shutting down the on-going “witch hunts” threatening to end the Trump presidency. This is what the Democrats did in shutting down the Chinagate scandal, which I triggered at Judicial Watch in the late ’90s, thus saving the derrières of former President Bill Clinton and his “lovely” first lady. At the time, Chinagate was thought to be the biggest caper in the country’s history. By looking into alleged illegalities in dealing with the “Chicoms” by the chairman of the Republican National Committee, then one Haley Barbour, the Democrats upped the ante for Republicans to investigate that scandal. It’s called mutually assured destruction. Having worked with the nation’s nuclear strategy, it was employed most effectively by Democrats in the slippery halls of Congress.

So the moral to this sad tale is as follows: Do not expect either the Republican establishment-controlled Department of Injustice or the Republican establishment-controlled Senate to take any meaningful action to shut down the on-going Democrat witch hunts calculated to destroy the Trump presidency and install a socialist, increasingly atheist, pro-radical Muslim, feminist, illegal immigrant, LGBT régime in 2020 or before. Instead, please join Freedom Watch’s Justice League, as we are launching citizen’s grand juries and continuing to take other hard-hitting legal actions on behalf of the American people.

I will never beg and get down on my knees to ask government officials to do what our Founding Fathers did, with God’s grace, by taking matters into their own hands in 1776. Please go to Freedom Watch to join our Justice League, turn off cable news, stop drinking the promotional Kool Aide, and get to work to restore justice to our nation!

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