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Pay to play: Oil-rich Norway's love of Hillary

Norway was recently the focal point of a generous Hillary Clinton visit, March 8. We assume the Clinton Foundation needs more funding, and Norway might just be an excellent place to start.

Norway, at the time led by the Norwegian Socialist Labor Party, was among the top three foreign states (with Saudi Arabia and Qatar) who paid hundreds of millions from various accounts into the Foundation when Clinton was U.S. secretary of state. This was revealed by Judicial Watch, the public watch dog in Washington that sues the government to retrieve withheld information that should be public, investigating corruption and the misuse of power.

Clinton has stern allies in Norway – the oil-rich nation, “Europe’s Qatar,” with only 6 million inhabitants, who appear to support her every move. The Norwegian Socialist Labor Party seems constantly overjoyed at the mere mention of her name, this time flooding social media with “sisterhood” selfies with the American war hawk who is ridden with scandal, notorious for lying to Congress.

This is the woman who sold U.S. uranium to the Russians, who then suspiciously paid millions into the Clinton Foundation, later covered up by the Obama administration. And the media talk Russian collusion … on Trump? Not to mention other foreign states’ lavish contributions. The Herland Report TV recently visited the U.S., taping TV interviews with Judicial Watch directors, in which the extent of the seriousness of the Hillary Clinton scandal is carefully addressed.

In Oslo, March 8, the Norwegian Labor Party leader, Jonas Gahr Støre, threw a lavish party for Mrs. Clinton, as leading figures seemed to pledge allegiance to the American war hawk. At least it is good to have a crystal clear knowledge of where these politicians stand, helpful as Norway was among the very first to bomb Libya to shreds in 2011. Intelligence reports allegedly stated, at the time, that Norwegian bombs were responsible for the killing of at least one of Gadhafi’s sons and thousands of Libyans. Clinton also refused to receive calls from Gahdafi, meant to discuss his wish to surrender. Her notorious laughter when hearing of his brutal murder still leaves us speechless.

An NRK state TV documentary later showed that over 70 percent of the bombings were SCAR-missions, where targets were “randomly chosen,” as stated by the military pilots who flew the jets. Upon returning to Norway, they turned whistleblowers in the controversial documentary that shocked many. In Norway, the national TV station is state-controlled, pushing a hardcore socialist-globalist narrative – surprising the documentary even aired. Current Labor leader Støre later coldly commented, after the U.N. resolution of a no-fly-zone was broken and Libya smashed to pieces, that the Libyans should now “fix their own democracy.” His activity at the time seems remarkably stupid, an op-ed in the New York Times insinuating “Islamophobia” if anyone were to suggest that al-Qaida groups would gain power in the Arab Spring. That is exactly what happened as Libya came under Islamist Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (al-Qaida in Libya) rule.

The “pay for play” allegation at the Clinton Foundation has been examined by many, the accusation being that it worked as a money-laundering operation where people paid in order to get access to the State Department. Judicial Watch found emails with notations on documents and bids where people would write F.O.B. (friend of Bill), which means those were donors to the Clinton Foundation and given special access to Hillary.

It should interest Americans: Which foreign states influences the U.S. government? What is the conspicuous Norwegian interest in loving Clinton and paying more than a hundred million dollars into her Foundation? Indeed, we have seen a remarkable line of Norwegians recently rising to prominent positions in the U.S.-controlled globalist system. Norway has for many years also been a top world contributor to the U.N. system, which should interest the Norwegian taxpayers; at least they would know the destination of the billions that flow out of the country.

After what Julian Assange calls “the Hillary Clinton Libya war,” the former Norwegian Prime Minister, Jens Stoltenberg, was appointed secretary general of NATO. His close aide Espen Barth-Eide was appointed U.N. Special Envoy to Cyprus, where he achieved absolutely nothing. Former Norwegian Prime Minister Torbjørn Jagland is secretary general of the Council of Europe; Borge Brende is president of the World Economic Forum; and Erik Solheim recently stepped down from a position as executive director for U.N. Environment. Diplomat Geir Pedersen is U.N. envoy to Syria – just to mention a few. Not that there necessarily is a “pay for play” connection. We thank Judicial Watch for their diligent work in uncovering corruption and the misuse of power among the elites.

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