Raising genderless kids: Both idiotic and tragic

By Patrice Lewis

The latest parenting trend, it should hardly surprise you to hear, is to raise children without gender. Instead of having a baby, parents now have a “theyby” in which a “child is considered neither a boy nor girl, but will determine its own gender at a later stage in life.” Even Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will raise their upcoming theyby as “gender fluid.”

Consider 11-month-old Sparrow, whose mother (wait, isn’t that a gender?) proudly announced, “We did not assign a sex at birth which means when they were born, they had genitals, we know what they are, we just chose to acknowledge that those genitals don’t indicate anything about gender.” (Actually, “gender” and “genitals” have the same etymological origin – for a reason.)

She added, “People will be like ‘Oh the child will be confused!’ No. If gender is really something in you, then no one’s going to change that. … There’s no way this can go wrong.”

(And she knows this … how?)

Here is an indisputable fact: Little Sparrow HAS a gender. What it sounds like is the parents desperately hope he/she “chooses” to be the opposite gender of what his/her genitals indicate. Why? As a social experiment. There can be no other explanation.

Want proof all this gender nonsense is a social experiment by sick, twisted parents? Consider the case of little Storm. This gender-neutral “theyby” went viral in 2011 when the parents refused to divulge “its” gender, insisting Storm would choose when “it” was old enough. Storm has two older brothers, Jazz and Kio. A follow-up article in 2016 indicated Storm had “chosen” a gender identity of “she,” and golly what a well-adjusted child she is.

But what I found more interesting is the fate of Jazz, one of her older brothers. “Jazz has been trans-identified since the later end of 6 years old, just before 7,” the dad said. “She is quite an activist in the field. She presented at the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference last year. She was 9; she’s 10 now.”

I’m sorry, but no 9-year-old is an activist in anything unless the parents (or teachers or other influential adult) push it. Sounds to me like these parents are thrilled they’re creating a mentally ill child who merely has to “decide” he is a she to make it so. I just pray the parents don’t decide to lop off the kid’s genitals to try and make him look more like a girl.

And what happens when puberty hits and Jazz suddenly decides he’s a boy again, thanks to the biological reality of testosterone flooding his system? Do you see his parents welcoming his “transition” back to his birth gender, after spending so many years trotting him to “trans” events? What would happen if his parents had already turned him into a eunuch in an effort to keep him a “girl”?

So yes, this is all a tragic social experiment. The hostility toward gender is growing among extremists. A (closed) Facebook page states: “There is no such thing as biological sex. While people have bodies, chromosomes, and genitals, calling this ‘sex’ is a social construction rather than a biological fact. If you don’t understand this, do some reading on your own. If you don’t agree, this is not the right group for you. Posts referring to biological sex will be flagged. … We do not approve requests from anyone who assign genders at birth to their children including: service providers, reporters, researchers, parents whose older children have started using they/them on their own (but was assigned a gender at birth).”

(In other words, they don’t want to be confronted by anyone questioning their little fantasy and/or mental illness.)

So what, you may ask, is the big deal if we blur the distinction between genders? The “big deal” is that by doing so, we raise young people untrained, unequipped and unprepared to step into their hard-wired biological roles when they reach adulthood.

The issue is much larger and more important than some New Age family bleating about gender roles. Biological traits are there for a reason. Conforming to our innate roles insures that our society and its base unit – the family – will continue to raise stable, well-adjusted children who (let’s admit it) aren’t likely to have confusion issues about their genders or their roles in life.

The thing about children is their instincts must be guided. Any (sane) parent knows boys and girls are different. Boys are physical. They roughhouse, tease girls, play pranks and revel in their scrapes and injuries. Girls are verbal. They form close friendships, play with dolls and pretend to keep house. (Remember, I’m talking generalities. There will always be quiet, studious boys and rough-and-tumble girls.)

But those instinctive behaviors must be guided appropriately. That’s why role models (usually in the form of parents) are so necessary. Traditionally, men taught their sons to channel their energies in acceptable ways. This included learning a trade, being protective of women and children and preparing to take on their adult roles as husbands and fathers. Women taught their daughters to nurture children and keep the home in addition to career considerations. Husbands and wives balanced each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

What’s in vogue today is to teach children that their gender-specific instincts are wrong. Boys are punished for showing an interest in weapons or defense. Girls are ridiculed for wanting to embrace domesticity. Children become confused when their instincts conflict with what they’re being taught, either at school, at home or in society.

A wheel is a perfect circle. It fulfills its function perfectly. But when progressives try to reinvent that wheel – to tweak it, change its shape, or attempt to redefine its function – the result is a messy and useless item no longer capable of doing its job. It simply lies there and trips people up.

That’s what’s happening to the current and tragic crop of “gender-neutral” children. Without knowing what their role or function is in life, the best they can do is become activists, whose sole purpose is to lie there and trip people up.

A bolt and a nut keep things together. Without both, things fall apart. Next time you’re in your car doing 60 mph, be thankful the maker understood this indisputable reality.

And quit denying your Maker’s design.

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