(Image courtesy Pixabay)

(Image courtesy Pixabay)

A Roll Call politics reporter sent out a tweet that drew mockery, but even after a “clarification,” the critics still are laughing.

Bridget Bowman wrote: “A Capitol Police officer left a gun in a bathroom … again. And not just any gun. A glock, which fires if the trigger is pulled…”


A blogger at the Twitter news-aggregating site Twitchy wrote: “As you’re well aware, when journalists try and sound intelligent about the topic of guns, some severe embarrassment can ensue.”

Donald Trump Jr. also weighed in:

“OMG a gun that fires if the trigger is pulled!!!!” he said. “I understand full well how a Glock works, I own a few, but this kind of sensationalism is why no one that actually understands guns can have a discussion with the other side. They don’t have a clue but want to make the rules.”

Bowman tried to fix the tweet: “Clarifying that I was referring to this line in the story: ‘Unlike a gun with a traditional safety, a Glock will fire if the trigger is pulled – making the discovery of an unattended gun in the Capitol complex particularly concerning.”

John Richardson made a suggestion: “You might as well stop responding. You’re not going to win no matter how you try to spin it.”

But Gmunny$ countered: “No let her keep going. I’m dying here!!”

And Dina Hill said: “Yes please!!!! This is entertaining.”

“Maybe, as a general rule, journalists should educate themselves about the topics they cover, especially when it comes to guns,” the Twitchy blogger said.

“Wait, that’s how guns work? Since when? This is blowing my mind,” wrote Twitter user Comrade Revere.

Joe Dougherty then came to the rescue, with: “The word is ‘Glock,’ It’s a brand of gun. One of the most common brands available, BTW. Also, pretty much all guns will fire when you pull the trigger. Yes, if they’re empty, they make a ‘click’ sound.”

TigerLadyTX didn’t use unnecessary words: “Stop. Digging. Your. Hole. Deeper.”

There could be some good out of the conversation, however. Twitter user #2A Wisdom suggested a new Glock slogan: “GLOCK: Fires when the trigger is pulled.”

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