WND reported the establishment across America is so upset by the release of “Unplanned,” a movie that reveals the inside story of Planned Parenthood’s abortion profit machine, networks were refusing to sell its makers advertising.

The movie, opening this weekend, also was given an “R” rating, not because of any nudity, violence or mature language, but because of its depiction of abortion.

Its makers also were denied permission by a publisher to use certain music because of the subject.

The movie tells the remarkable story of Abby Johnson, a Planned Parenthood office manager who fled the abortion industry after being called to help perform an abortion.

Talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh tipped of his millions of listeners on Friday about the movie.

“If you are a person who describes yourself as pro-life, and if you’re alarmed over the direction abortion is taking in this country, there’s a movie opening today in a thousand theaters around the country,” he said. “It’s called ‘Unplanned,’ and it really is a takedown of Planned Parenthood. This movie is apparently so effective that nobody will accept any advertising for it, not even Lifetime, the Hallmark Channel, HDTV.”

He noted the movie’s “R” rating, which he attributes to opposition to the objective it has to “awaken and inform as many people as possible about what really happens in these places.”

“When you slap an ‘R’ rating on it, guess who you’re basically telling they shouldn’t see the movie? Christians, which is the primary audience. So the MPAA slaps an ‘R’ rating on this thing simply to further diminish its efforts to be marketed and thus to be seen.”

He said the advertising ban also contributes.

“It may be a movie that you would be greatly interested in seeing, and it may be something you would like to be tell other people about, but you don’t know it’s opening today because they can’t get any advertising bought,” he said.

“I just wanted to mention this because it’s another – I don’t know – free market, censorship. Whether it is or isn’t, they just won’t sell advertising. They don’t want people to know about this movie,” he said.

The controversy is over the content, he said.

“They just don’t want to see Planned Parenthood portrayed this way. Planned Parenthood has protected status. It gets federal money. It’s a member in good standing of the Democrat National Committee and the Democrat Party. So I just wanted let you know that it’s opening today – ‘Unplanned’ – if the subject matter is of interest to you.”

The movie stars Ashley Bratcher as Johnson, and co-writer and co-director Chuck Konzelman said the film has allies such as like 40 Days for Life and My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell, who helped fund it. Lindell has a cameo in the film.

Oscar-winning producer Gerald Molen of “Schindler’s List” and “Hercules” actor Kevin Sorbo led a list of dozens of Hollywood leaders protesting the the Motion Picture Association of America’s “R” rating.

“It was given the R rating for political reasons, unless Hollywood is willing to admit that the 20-second scene they had objection to is only disturbing because it reflects the killing of a child,” said Blaze TV founder Glenn Beck.

At The Stream, columnist Michael Brown said the movie comes at a time when public opposition to abortion is growing.

“The timing couldn’t be better, and we need to seize this moment and mobilize the Body of Christ throughout America. And that means all hands on deck,” he said.

He explained the movie is not political, because, “saving the lives of the unborn is not political” and “sharing a redemptive message of hope and life is not political.”

“This is a matter of life triumphing over death — and there is nothing more ‘positive and encouraging’ than that,” he wrote.

My Pillow’s Lindell drives a bulldozer over a Planned Parenthood establishment in the movie.

“I’m pro-life and I’m happy to do it,” said Lindell, who also invested in the movie.

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