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Russian missile threats reach new level of intimidation

Russia and the United States have been involved in missile maneuvers in recent weeks and months. Not actual missile firings, but statements and warnings about missiles and treaties.

It’s all part of the saber-rattling that has gone on among nations since they, well, used sabers.

North Korea made it an art with tests and launches and firings before backing off and agreeing to talks with President Trump.

But now Russia, which recently said it was pulling out of the international Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty after the U.S. said it was pulling out of the treaty because Russia was violating its terms, has set a new plateau for such threats.

It has had a choir, tuxedoed and begowned, sing about the nation’s missile threats.

The Middle East Media Research Institute spotlighted the video.

A concert choir in St. Petersburg on Feb. 25 sang a song called “On the Wages of Servicemen” in St. Isaac’s Cathedral.

The song, written in 1980 by Andrei Kozlovsky, is about a nuclear submarine preparing to bomb America.

Among the lyrics:

“On a submarine with a nuclear motor – yes, with a dozen 100-megaton bombs… I called to the gunner: ‘Set the target to Washington city’… In the skies is my friend Vovochka… and his hatches aren’t empty… I’m sorry, America… Five hundred years ago, you were discovered in vain… Burn in half the land of adversary!”

The video, MEMRI reported, went viral among Russian social media users.

The report said the performance “came amidst tensions between Russia and the U.S. surrounding American withdrawal from the INF Treaty after accusing Russia of violating the agreement. ”

Foreign Policy reported several developments should cause concern.

There was Russia’s announcement that it was deploying hypersonic weapons that can travel five times the speed of sound and would be unseen by America’s traditional defenses.

Then there was the comment by Gen. John Hyten, the commander of U.S. Strategic Command, who said the new rockets aren’t covered by any nuclear arms treaty.

CNN said American withdrew from the INF treaty because of Moscow’s ongoing violations, which date back to 2014.

“For years, Russia has violated the terms of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty without remorse,” said U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.