President Donald Trump ( video)

President Donald Trump ( video)

In an interview with Breitbart News, President Trump acknowledged there was “collusion” in the 2016 election.

But it had nothing to do with the Russians and nothing to do with his campaign, he said. It was tech companies such as Facebook, Twitter and Google that colluded with Democrats to defeat him.

“Actually, it’s incredible that I won the election, because you know it was so rigged against me,” he said. “It wasn’t Russians. Russia collusion was a delusion. But what there is, is there was collusion between the Democrats and these tech companies.”

Trump said any Republican running in 2020 would face a “tremendous disadvantage” in social media.

“It’s totally steered, which has been proven now, totally steered toward the Democrats and yet I won,” he said.

Trump said he sympathized with critics, including Democratic 2020 hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who want to regulate or break up the big tech companies.

“I understand a lot of people wanting to look into it. I mean normally I’d like to say let it be free, let it all be free, but it’s not free,” Trump said. “It’s really run by a small number of people.”

He described the bias against conservatives as “a very big scandal.”

Twitter’s blacklisting of conservatives drew his attention.

“Twitter’s horrible what they’re doing to people, they’re blanking them out,” Trump said. “… What’s going on with Twitter is terrible for conservatives.”

Breitbart News reporter Charlie Spiering asked Trump how he planned to fight tech bias in the 2020 election.

“You fight it by just being good. You got to be really good. It’s much harder for a conservative Republican to win than it is for a liberal Democrat,” he said.

‘That’s how Trump won’

This week a Google employee exposed an email from a Google manager who was responding to another employee who questioned the company’s war on “fake news.”

The manager argued that fake news and “hate speech” had to be stopped because “that’s how Trump won.”

In November, the Daily Caller reported Google employees debated whether to bury the reporting of conservative media outlets in the company’s search function in response to Trump’s election. Employees similarly sought to manipulate search results to combat Trump’s travel ban, the communications showed.

In an interview with WND at the time, Robert Epstein – who was famed behavioral psychologist B.F. Skinner’s last Ph.D. student at Harvard – said Google’s effort to reverse to defeat Trump confirms his extensive, peer-reviewed research over the past half decade.

“Not only does Google have the power to shift votes and opinions on a massive scale, they actually use that power,” Epstein said.

During the 2016 election campaign, Epstein concluded that Google heavily biased results in favor of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, possibly shifting as many as 3 million votes.

A video leaked in September showed Google executives at their first weekly meeting after Trump’s election exhibiting panic and dismay while expressing their determination to thwart the new administration’s agenda as well as the emerging global populist movement.

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