A Gallup poll was released last Friday that didn’t get much notice – perhaps because of the hour it came out or maybe because the media disapproved.

But it was shocking – even to me for whom it was not bad news.

The headline from Gallup, hardly known as a “conservative” pollster: “Conservatives Greatly Outnumber Liberals in 19 U.S. States.”

Here are the interesting details:

  • In 25 states, the conservative advantage is significantly greater than the national average, including 19 “highly conservative” states in which they lead by at least 20 points.
  • There are only six states that have more liberals than self-identifying conservatives.
  • Nationally, the conservative advantage in ideological identification is 9 percent.
  • The number of states in which more residents identify as liberal than as conservative is down slightly from nine in 2017.
  • Mississippi ranked as the most conservative state in 2018, with 50 percent of residents identifying as conservative and 12 percent as liberal, for a gap of 38 points.
  • Massachusetts was the most liberal state in 2018, with 35 percent of its residents describing their political views as liberal and 21 percent as conservative.

And here’s the ultimate shocker!

Question: Which state is not found among the six leaning liberal?

Answer: Are you sitting down? It’s California, which, despite complete dominance in state politics by left-wing Democrats, splits evenly 29 percent to 29 percent.

So, which are the five states that lean liberal along with Massachusetts?

Hawaii, Vermont, Washington, New York and New Hampshire. Notice that Hawaii, Vermont and New Hampshire are very small states.

What’s so astonishing about all this?

The fact that the media have never been more in the tank for liberalism – and even far-left radicalism. And, on top of that, the impact of Google’s search dominance in the all-important digital media world, and Facebook and Twitter in social media, has been to lose ground politically.

I have always thought about America being more conservative than liberal until recently. I thought it was all over in the second term of Barack Obama. Yet, this survey suggests Donald Trump has been like a force of nature in the way he has used his bully pulpit.

He’s not just getting the job done and serving as the most conservative president in more than 100 years, he’s also changing hearts and minds.

Why don’t you think you heard much about this story that broke over a week ago?

Did it just get lost because the poll was released last Friday afternoon?

Has Gallup made a terrible error in its survey techniques?

Are Americans lying to pollsters about what they really think?

Does it just not conform to the overall media narrative?

My pick is the last one.

What we’re talking about here in this poll is a media nightmare.

It’s lucky it got any coverage at all.

Think about it. We’re told socialism is the new rage among Americans. Everyone has bought into climate-change hysteria and the Green New Deal, the media tell us. Conservatives are completely out of step with the mainstream population, they say.

Is it all hype? Is it all smoke and mirrors? Are the media fooling all of the people all of the time?

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