Let’s face it. There is no shortage of problems in our world. Starting with the very basic, there are people around the world who would be happy to have a roof over their heads, drinkable, running water somewhere under that roof, something to eat and plumbing to carry away the waste. Some of them live in parts of the world most of us don’t vacation in and couldn’t identify. Others live on the streets of San Francisco, New York, Chicago and other big American cities.

When you don’t have the basics, not much else matters. The concerns that occupy the Western political and media class don’t even exist. Many other problems spring forth, however: Disease, constant illness and death make their home there.

If you were born with the basics, your mind turns to other problems. Education, employment, your family, your work and finally your retirement. Life and the human mind sometimes seem biased toward problems. If you survive all of the problems life threw at you and live on into retirement, you have more time to ponder the multitude and magnificence of all the problems that have been identified by much younger people who seem to be employed in the victimhood business.

Yesterday’s blacks survived slavery, the Civil War, segregation, discrimination in eateries, education, on busses and many other fronts. Today’s blacks have – to a lesser extent – survived the inner cities big government built for them. Those policies, including welfare checks to unwed mothers, the fatherless families they beget, free abortion as a method of birth control and little economic opportunity because of rampant crime, have not fixed a thing. But they are good at preserving a voting bloc, aren’t they?

Does it really matter if the plantation where you live was in the rural South, or is now in the big-city North? Just how successful at solving inner-city problems have big-government “solutions” been, anyway? Big-government policies have always been a hallmark of the Democratic Party. Those policies were always designed to keep blacks as a worthwhile and reliable voting bloc for the politicians “representing” them, almost always Democrats. It might be argued that blacks have suffered the most from the very people they elected over the years to “help” them.

Today’s biggest “problems,” global warming/cooling/changing being the best example, are unknowable. The systems are too complex to model; the “science” is filled with fraud and deceit and the results bought and paid for by vested interests on all sides. The pot of money at the end of the global rainbow is just too big for big, corrupt government to resist. Given the opportunity, they will reduce us to subsistence living.

Income inequality is another frequently cited problem. Jeff Bezos’ wife just got $35 billion in Amazon stock in her divorce settlement. Does that mean the taxpayers are now obligated to give every divorced woman in America $35 billion – if her husband can’t afford it?

Income inequality exists because some jobs are easy to do and others are hard to do. The harder the job, the more money it pays. Supply and demand. Your parents, your education, mental ability, personal character and behavior are the primary determinants of your economic position in life. Take the easy wayside at instant gratification, or the long, hard road that leads to success.

But a rotten, corrupt educational institution isn’t going to teach that. And today, almost all educational institutions are rotten and corrupt. Their admissions policies are for sale at the right price, along with a degree for athletes who never attend classes.

Those lucky enough to attend through their own efforts are likely to be taught by the weirdest of the weird, the ones with an ax-grinder set up next to their desks. What do students learn? You advance when you have the proper political, social and religious beliefs, no matter how ridiculous or irrelevant those beliefs actually are. This was the legacy of the 1960s radicals who occupied college administration buildings: They now sell seats to the highest bidder, in an effort to retain their own outsized salaries and retirements. Add in federal student loans, and you have one more government-inspired freak show.

By the time 2019 is over, every Democrat presidential candidate will have offered a “solution” to some or all of these problems, along with another basket-load of gender and microaggression problems most people can’t even imagine, let alone see.

Given government’s efforts with problem solving in the past, what would you say are the odds that any of the identifiable problems would ever be solved by more government? Might the solution actually make the problem worse? Has that ever happened before?

The problem with government “solutions” is that government was never designed to solve problems. It was designed to provide a veneer of civilization by preventing its citizens from taking each other’s stuff, killing each other to settle disputes and to repel invading armies sent to rape, pillage and burn our inhabitants and cities. That’s all government has done historically, and all it’s likely to do in the future, no matter how much money and effort we expend on so-called “solutions” to self-made problems. Any such “solution” can be guaranteed only to yield yet another “problem” for the big government kleptocrats to exploit at the next election. Our governmental and political self-identified elites are now the ones raping, pillaging and burning America, because they refuse to do the government’s work.

Next time, Part 2: What’s the human solution to human problems?


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