Special Counsel Robert Mueller

Special Counsel Robert Mueller

Carter Page, the one-time Trump 2016 campaign worker who was the target of Obama administration spying, says special counsel Robert Mueller’s report is “a shameful conglomeration of propaganda meant to sow further discord in the minds of Americans against their fellow citizens.”

The assessment by Page, who was surveilled through a warrant obtained from a FISA court, was in a foreward to an ebook version of the Mueller report, the Washington Examiner reported.

He liked his time in front of Mueller’s grand jury to being in Guantanamo Bay, the Caribbean prison for terror suspects.

The Examiner said Page blasts what he sees as a politically-motivated “witch hunt” targeting himself and President Trump.

Page wrote: “In Italy, Mussolini had his autobiography. In Libya, Gadhafi widely distributed his Green Book both to the masses, in the national media and even with featured quotes on billboards throughout the country. Iraq’s tyrannical Saddam Hussein wrote a series of novellas.”

But Page, the Examiner said, claims that, if anything, the Mueller report is even worse:

“Most of the prior historical propaganda endeavors are modest when compared to DOJ’s two-volume work which was created by a handful of despots in Washington,” he wrote.

The special counsel, whose staff was largely a team of Hillary Clinton supporters, found Russian interference in the 2016 election but no collusion on the part of the Trump campaign.

Page noted Mueller’s work originated with the “dodgy dossier,” the political opposition research document paid for by the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s campaign. It was written by a former British agent who opposed Trump and had Russia links.

Page said Trump’s critics first tried to disrupt his campaign, then the “sore losers” hatched a hoax to create obstacles for his presidency.

The Examiner noted the “dossier” was foundational the FISA warrant and three renewals obtained by the Obama Justice Department and FBI to spy on Page.

The foundations of the Russia probe now are under investigation by Attorney General William Barr, who told Congress he’s confident that the Obama administration used government resources to spy on a political opponent. It’s not the only review going on.

“In March 2018, DOJ’s Inspector General Michael Horowitz announced the launch of the FISA abuse investigation after requests from both then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Republican members in Congress. The lawmakers claimed the Justice Department and FBI had abused the FISA process and misled the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, or FISC, in their investigation and surveillance of Trump and his associates during the campaign, as well as during the Trump administration,” the Examiner said.

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