President Trump has wanted to extend the wall on the border with Mexico to improve U.S. security since he began campaigning for the Oval Office.

Democrats have been adamantly opposed, and their unwillingness to compromise triggered a partial government shutdown last winter. Trump later declared a national emergency, allowing him to direct other money to the project.

Now the Washington Examiner reports the Department of Homeland Security has issued two more waivers this week allowing the Army Corps of Engineers to bypass environmental laws and begin a nearly $1 billion project.

It will replace about 50 miles of border fence in Texas and Arizona where illegal activity is high.

“The department announced Friday the new construction projects will go up near El Paso, Texas, and Yuma, Arizona,” the report said. “Two weeks ago, the Army Corps awarded SLSCO $789 million for the El Paso project and Barnard Construction $187 million for the El Paso operation, a Federal Register entry states. The Pentagon is funding both projects.”

Amid opposition from Democrats, the Trump administration has added some 40 miles of barrier so far, some of which has replaced other fencing.

Some sort of barricade covers about one-third of the more than 1,900 miles of border.

“El Paso will get 46 miles of steel bollard fence and Yuma will get seven miles of the same replacement fence in areas that have dilapidated and outdated designs,” according to DHS.

The Examiner said both regions will also see new paved roads installed and improved lighting systems.

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