Bundy Ranch

Bundy Ranch

I was driving to the Las Vegas McCarran International Airport last Friday on my way back from the Bundy Ranch, where I had been visiting with my client Cliven Bundy and his family – not only to plot future legal strategy, but also to take another tour of his magnificent homestead on about 400,000 scenic acres in and around Lake Mead.

Cliven Bundy, Larry Klayman

Cliven Bundy, Larry Klayman

I turned on the car radio and tuned in to Fox News’ “Brian Kilmeade Show,” where the host was analyzing the aftermath of the release of the Mueller report. Brian, a decent soul even if he works for a network that has gone off the rails as it strains to move left with the likes of anti-Trumpers Chris Wallace and Shepard Smith, played a one minute clip called the “Hannity Minute.” In this promotion for Hannity’s nightly show, Sean boasted now that the Mueller report has cleared President Trump of Russia collusion (if not obstruction of justice), there will soon to be “hell to pay” for special counsel Robert Mueller and his conflicted pro-Democrat/Clinton prosecutorial staff, as well as their collaborators at the FBI and Justice Department.

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Unfortunately, if past is prologue – and it nearly always is, particularly for people like me who have been fighting government corruption ever since I founded Judicial Watch 25 years ago and later Freedom Watch 14 years ago – this simply will not happen. Not, that is, if justice is expected to be meted out by our compromised Deep State DOJ, of which I was once a proud prosecutor in its Antitrust Division during the Reagan administration.

This is because the Deep State at my alma mater, overwhelmingly comprised of leftist and otherwise establishment “play it safe for one’s future career prospects” lawyers who will always circle the wagons.

Ironically, just look at what the DOJ, even under former Attorney General Jeff Sessions and now current AG William Barr, is continuing to do by persecuting the Bundys. Despite the less-than-Honorable Gloria Navarro having dismissed the supersedeas indictment of Cliven and his equally brave sons Ryan and Ammon over prosecutorial misconduct by suborning perjury and hiding exculpatory evidence from the defense, it was the Barr Department of Justice that allowed the criminally minded U.S. attorney in the District of Nevada to take an appeal of the dismissal – which I am currently defending on the Bundys’ behalf. (Go to the Cliven Bundy Legal Defense Fund to support our legal efforts.)

The real reason for the Barr Justice Department’s frivolous appeal: To circle the wagons, hoping the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit will reverse Navarro’s forced dismissal so these prosecutors can save their careers.

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This circle-the-wagons mentality at DOJ, which conclusion I am compelled to reach based on my experience as a former prosecutor and a Washington, D.C. lawyer of 37 years, is much stronger than any desire by our nation’s so-called premier law enforcement agency to mete out justice for the crimes committed by Mueller in waging a frivolous “witch hunt” against the 45th president of the United States.

And, if the Deep State at DOJ will seek to cover up the crimes of prosecutors in the Bundy criminal cases, just imagine their intent and motivation to cover up the criminality of Mueller and his hack leftist staff. Mueller, which the swamp’s establishment on both sides of the aisle has falsely deemed a “man of great integrity,” will surely be added to the Protected Species Act, along with the Desert Tortoise (which DOJ and Bureau of Land Management goons used as a pretext to threaten the lives of the Bundys to try to drive them off their land at Bunkerville, Nevada.)

In light of this, along comes my brave co-“conspiracy theorist”(as the left likes to paint us) Dr. Jerome Corsi, who had been in Mueller’s crosshairs during his now-concluded “witch hunt.” Having been threatened by the special counsel with indictment if he did not agree to lie under oath so as to take the president down regarding nonexistent Russia collusion, Jerry, with my help and that of my co-counsel David Gray, stood his ground and said NO! Corsi would not be coerced to lie under oath before God and His Son, even when he was offered a so-called sweetheart deal to plead to one count of perjury with no jail time.

By saying no, Jerry risked life imprisonment if he was falsely indicted and then convicted by what likely would have been a leftist pro-Democrat Washington D.C. jury.

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Realizing, based on our joint experience, that the best defense is an aggressive offense (how else can one keep the ball away from the other team?), on my advice Jerry authorized me to sue Mueller, the DOJ and the FBI over their violation of his constitutional rights. In Mueller’s case, we even sued him personally, demanding millions of dollars in damages, not for our financial gain, but to bankrupt him and set an example that in the future this type of government law enforcement tyranny would not be tolerated!

By putting Mueller on defense, I sincerely believe this also convinced the special counsel not to indict Jerry, as this would have compounded our prayer for damages to be levied personally against him. In effect, our legal strategy was like putting the TV-advertised “club” on your car’s steering wheel. By so doing and making it harder for the criminal to steal your car, you send him packing to go steal someone else’s car.

In this case, the easy car to steal (not by our design but in practice) proved to be Roger Stone, who had allegedly lied under oath to congressional investigators and who, in his own words, had threatened to kill a material witness, Randy Credico and his service dog, if he did not lie under oath about his involvement with Stone.

The irony here is that while Stone was indicted for threatening a material witness (which, if proven, amounts to witness tampering and obstruction of justice), Mueller did the same exact thing with regard to Jerry.

And that, in a corrupt nutshell, is why our lawsuit against Mueller has real teeth and is likely to bring about justice. The legal efforts of Corsi and me are the real deal.

Go to the Jerome Corsi Legal Defense Fund to support our case to hold Mueller and corrupt actors in the DOJ and FBI accountable for their crimes.

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