NewsGuard, the blacklisting arm of Microsoft, apparently hasn’t got the news that the Mueller report has debunked the claims of Trump-Russia collusion.

Breitbart News complied a list of the top 51 debunked “Russia Collusion Hoax” stories spread by the establishment media over the last few years.

When Breitbart did a spot check of the first 12 stories on the list, it found NewsGuard’s seal of approval — a green checkmark — next to nearly all of the stories.

NewsGuard argues it is not signing off on individual stories but on the news outlets publishing the stories.

But Breitbart Editor John Nolte points out NewsGuard is putting its checkmark on “some of the most misleading stories in history.”

“This is an obvious attempt to mislead causal news readers into believing proven lies about President Trump are true,” Nolte wrote.

A red checkmark of disapproval sits next to Breitbart headlines. But the news website not only got the Russia collusion story right, unlike establishment outlets approved by NewsGuard, it also turned out to be correct about the controversies surrounding the Brett Kavanaugh nomination, the Covington Catholic High School incident, the George Zimmerman shooting and “Hands up, don’t shoot.”

“In all my decades of following the media, I have never seen a more Orwellian attempt to mislead people by deliberately labeling lies as truth and truth as lies — all in service to Big Brother, the political establishment,” Nolte wrote.

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