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Fighter-jet passenger accidentally ejected


A French Air Force Rafale-B jet fighter (U.S. Defense Department photo)

A civilian passenger in a fighter jet was accidentally ejected as the aircraft was taking off, and the man, who was identified only as being in his 60s, ended up hospitalized with injuries, explains a report in Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

The potential catastrophe developed in France, when the guest passenger was aboard a twin-seat Rafale-B fighter jet.

The name of the civilian was not available, but journalists and elected officials sometimes are given permission to take part in “observation” flights approved by the Ministry of Armed Forces.

The search already was under way for an answer to whether the seat ejected because it was triggered, or because of a malfunction. If it was triggered, who did that and why.

A report at Aerotime said the accident happened while the jet was taking off from an air base, Saint-Dizier Air Base in France, on March 20.

The report said part of the Rafale fleet of the French Air Force was grounded for several days during the investigation.

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