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Illegal aliens 13% of federal prison population

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In a report fulfilling a Trump executive order to reveal more information about illegal immigration, the Justice Department disclosed Wednesday that at least 13 percent of the federal prison population and nearly 30 percent of those in custody of the U.S. Marshals Service are illegal aliens.

The Washington Times said the report found nearly 60,000 people in Justice Department custody were known or suspected to be aliens.

Of the 60,000, about 38,000 were held in prison, accounting for about 22 percent of the overall prison population.

The Justice Department said that nearly two-thirds were confirmed to be illegal immigrants. Most of the rest are still under investigation for their status.

The Times reported that only a tiny fraction of the aliens had legal status.

The most common reason for being in custody was immigration crimes, following by fraud and firearms charges, among others.

According to the most recent estimate from the Department of Homeland Security, in January 2015, there were 12 million immigrants living in the country illegally.

Some immigration watchdogs estimate the number is much higher.