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Iran's 'fake news': America controls weather

The 2017 movie “Geostorm” has a typical, end-of-world story plot about a system of satellites built to control the weather going rogue.

Tornadoes sweep the landscape, skyscraper-sized tidal waves hit coastal cities, rapid temperature changes turn entire jetliners into chucks of ice.

And a hero saves the day.

It’s just a movie, but the news agency Tasnim, which is affiliated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, says it’s based on a real-life conspiracy.

Recent natural disasters, the agency claims, are the result of a secret plot by the Islamic regime’s enemies — particularly the U.S. and Israel — to control the weather.

The stunning claim was translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute, which noted recent flooding, “unprecedented in the country’s history,” in northern and western Iran in which dozens have died.

MEMRI recalled Iran claimed in 2010 that the “United States of Zionism” had caused an earthquake in Haiti, as well as a cold winter in Europe.

Now, Tasnim claims in a report titled “Are the Recent Heavy Rains in Iran Happening Intentionally?” that futuristic films by the “Jewish-American” Warner Bros., such as “Geostorm,” are based on America’s “secret plans” to control global climate.

The director of Iran’s Passive Defense Organization also was correct, Tasnim stated, when he claimed Israel had stolen clouds, rain and snow from Iran.

The Iranian news agency claimed, “There are reasons for the heavy rains and flooding impacting Iran in recent days: They are the fruit of foreign climate manipulation.”

Tasnim said of “Geostorm”: “Most of this company’s films are in the style of ‘investigating the future’ or ‘predicting the future.’ In truth, this company’s network of researchers and producers know about many of the U.S.’s secret plans; they proceed in accordance with them, and they create the films with specific aims. The film presents an international plan launched by the U.S. under pressure from the international community. This plan includes the construction of a space station to impact the climactic system of the entire earth.”

The film’s message, Tasnim said, is that “America has organized plans for climate manipulation that will be extremely destructive in light of their very extensive impact.”

Tasnim said the “destructive results” will include “freezes, very high temperatures, torrential rains, [hailstorms with] huge hailstones, uncontrollable flooding, and unbalanced phenomena such as those caused by climate disruption.”

Further, Tasnim said it caught Israel doing something similar.

“Gholamreza Jalali, director of Iran’s Passive Defense Organization, is undoubtedly one of the most prominent and sharpest [members of] the top regime echelons in the sphere of Iranian strategic defense. We recall dozens of instances in which he protected the people from various disasters when all the other similar organizations were not [even] updated or were incapable of doing so. As an example of his successful efforts, we can point to his pioneering [role in warning] about matters such as genetic engineering of agricultural produce, [the dangers inherent in] the use of smartphones by senior regime officials, and [the need to] reinforce urban buildings against earthquakes. In light of this, we should look at his statements about climate and reactions to them as presented on the news,” the agency claimed.

On July 2, 2018, Jalali said at the third national rally for passive defense in agriculture, held at the Institute for the Production and Improvement of Seeds and Seedlings: “Changes in the climate in Iran are suspect, and it is feared [that they are caused by] foreign intervention. Studies conducted in Iran’s scientific centers confirm this. … Israeli teams, in collaboration with one of the neighboring countries are neutralizing the clouds headed for Iran. Likewise, we are encountering theft of our clouds and theft of snow.”

Regarding the flooding, he said anyone “who has had the occasion to visit Shiraz knows that during Nowruz [the Iranian New Year celebrations] there is a long line [of vehicles] at the city’s entrance, and people are occasionally held up for up to two hours.”

“They are stuck with no way to get out. In these particular circumstances, if huge quantities of rainfall for twenty minutes, causing a flood, what can [these] people do?”