Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama at the White House (HillaryClinton.com)

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama at the White House (HillaryClinton.com)

Establishment media long have been reluctant to identify Islam as the source of terrorism while readily labeling those who do as “Islamophobes.”

Now, it seems, there’s an unwillingness to identify one of the primary targets of terrorism, Christians, as Christians. Their their new word? “Easter worshippers.”

One of the early users of the term was Barack Obama, who wrote, “The attacks on tourists and Easter worshippers in Sri Lanka are an attack on humanity. On a day devoted to love, redemptions, and renewal, we pray for the victims and stand with the people of Sri Lanka.”

Hillary Clinton joined in: “On this holy weekend for many faiths, we must stand united against hatred and violence. I’m praying for everyone affected by today’s horrific attacks on Easter worshippers and travelers in Sri Lanka.”

Talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh noted Monday of Obama and Clinton: “They’re supposedly Christians and they can’t even bring themselves to say slaughter of Christians. They have to say ‘Easter worshippers.’ Millennials say, ‘What are those?'”

Political analyst Sebastian Gorka asked his Twitter followers to compare Clinton’s reaction to the recent New Zealand mosque attack with the Sri Lanka bombings against Christians.

Tiana Lowe wrote at Tiana Lowe wrote at the Washington Examiner that, very simply, “Terrorists want to threaten their targets into submission, invisibility, and then elimination.”

“I doubt that three Christian politicians erased the identities of the Sri Lankan victims with any ill will. But denying them their cross, the faith that made them martyrs, ultimately pushes us one step closer towards submission to the win of terror.”

She also cited Julian Castro, a Democratic candidate for president, saying: “On a day of redemption and hope, the evil of these attacks on Easter worshippers and tourists in Sri Lanka is deeply saddening…”

So far, the death toll from the suicide bombings has been estimated to be about 300, with hundreds more injured.

Lowe went to the point of the horror in Sri Lanka.

“A jihadist group murdered nearly 300 Christians in Sri Lanka in a coordinated terrorist attack across multiple churches and hotels on Easter Sunday. The attack was unequivocally abhorrent, and ought to have been easy enough to condemn outright. But apparently some odd talking points circulated among Democratic messengers.”

She continued: “If just one prominent Democrat has used the term ‘Easter worshippers’ – a phrase I don’t recall ever having heard in my life – rather than ‘Christians,’ you could make the generous case that it was meant not to offend Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Christians, who observe the Julian calendar and don’t celebrate Easter until this week.

“All three tweeting the same strained wording seems noteworthy, though. … Democrats have equivocated on anti-Christian terrorism.”

She said, “Erasing the intentions of violent terrorists only empowers them by erasing their evil.”

A blogger for the Twitter news-aggregator Twitchy pointed out that Media Matters’ Parker Molloy doubled down by criticizing those concerned about the erasure of the victims’ Christian identity.

“What an absurd, utterly stupid non-controversy. ‘UHHH they didn’t say the special word that I wanted.’ Chill, guys. They said that because they were referring to people *at an Easter service.* It really goes without saying that people attending Easter services are Christians.’

“Then what’s the harm in SAYING IT, Parker?” the Twitchy blogger asked.

A Twitter user commented: “This is deliberate sanitization not mentioning the faith of the victims or the murderers across the mainstream media. Give me a break.”

The News. Opinions. Quotes. Website pointed out that the one-sided reported extended even further.

“CNN does 67 updates for Sri Lanka story with ZERO mentions blaming Islamic terrorists,” it explained.

“The narrative has already been set by American mainstream media on how they’re supposed to handle the Sri Lanka terrorists attacks on Easter Sunday. There are certain things that can be said and others that must be avoided at all costs. With reporting that has spanned nearly 24 hours and included 67 updates to the story, guess how many times CNN blamed Islamic terrorists for the attack.

“If you guessed anything higher than zero, you gave CNN way too much credit.”

JD Rucker wrote: “The closest they came to blaming radical Islamic terrorists in their primary coverage story was a mention in a quote by Diplomatic editor Nic Robertson in which he notes the obvious – that it has the ‘hallmarks’ of Islamic terrorism – but then quickly notes that there are no known radical Islamic terrorist groups in the area.”

On Twitter, Karol Markowicz pointed out: “‘Easter worshippers’ makes no sense. The Pittsburgh shooting wasn’t ‘Shabbat celebrators’ and the New Zealand shooting wasn’t ‘Friday prayer adherents.'”

Monica Showalter explained at American Thinker: “They don’t like Christians to start with, and they’ve since gone a long way to coddle Muslim extremists, too. Having to acknowledge that Christians are in peril might just make someone in flyover country identify with them. Can’t have that.”

Pacific Punditcreated a list of what was called a “Democrat coordinated attack” on Christians.

Also rerunning the meme were Colorado Gov. Jared Polis, Greg Stanton, Brian Bowman, Dan Kildee, Justin Trudeau and others.

“Apparently, the communist Democrats aren’t allowed to mention the phrase Islamic terror or the word ‘Christians’ anymore,” the report said.

Explained Showalter: “What was almost certainly going on was a bid to deny Christians their identity, because that is embarrassing to them. Having to admit that Christians are being specially singled out for killings by Muslim terrorists is a bridge too far for establishment Democrats and might force them to admit they were wrong all along about the religiously motivated warfare of the Islamic terrorists.”

Ironically, many Christians would rather identify the day as Resurrection Sunday instead of Easter, to separate it from pagan traditions.

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