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A new scandal has erupted in Washington, according to Newsweek.

Apparently, “while serving as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt was gifted multiple copies of ‘Global Warming for Dummies’ and a number of climate denial texts.”

One of the books was “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change,” and author Marc Morano said, “I am proud to find out that former EPA chief Pruitt was interested in my best-selling book.”

Morano said the book “features a complete scientific and political A-Z rebuttal of the common claims made by the media, the U.N., Al Gore, and environmental activists. It is nice to know that the EPA is well informed when it comes to man-made climate change claims.”

Federal officials have strict limits on what they can accept as gifts while in office, and it was Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington that “forced” the EPA to admit “the inventory of gifts Scott Pruitt received while in office.”

Pruitt also accepted copies of “The Lorax,” as well as a novelty license plate from the Texas Oil and Gas Association.

That, CREW said, was evidence of how “oil and gas companies sought to curry favor with Pruitt.”

Newsweek said: “Experts from Stanford University said that Pruitt was given at least eight books that are ‘clearly climate science denial.’ The administrator rejected four of these gifts but accepted four. Of those, he donated one of the books, but kept three for himself.”

The books were “Warming? Yes! Man Made? No!” and “The Climate Chronicles” as well as Morano’s.

Newsweek said the EPA didn’t immediately comment on the issue.

Pruitt was replaced by Andrew Wheeler.

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