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Rush Limbaugh: Why was Mueller investigation launched?

Former President Barack Obama delivers the Nelson Mandela lecture in Johannesburg, South Africa, July 17, 2018.

An influential commentator warns the Mueller report, which concluded the Trump campaign did not collude with Russia, is a booby trap for Democrats.

After two years and more than $25 million, it came up empty.

Which means the American public is going to start asking who was behind it all, writes Roger Simon, co-founder of PJ Media and an award-winning novelist and Academy-nominated screenwriter.

While there undoubtedly will be “tidbits … “to keep the “heavy breathers at CNN distracted as their ratings continue to fall through the basement,” he writes, the full report will show there was no collusion.

“The natural question will then be — what was all this for? Cui bono? A full airing of the report, what [Rep. Jerry] Nadler claims he wants, will instead ‘open the door,’ as they say in court, more than ever for an investigation of why this probe was launched in the first place, by whom and for what reason.

“The results of that investigation will be quite scary, if not humiliating, for Democrats because they will lead close to, if not over, their highest doorstep – the portals of the Oval Office during the previous administration.”

What is already known is that the Mueller probe was sparked by Democratic operatives in the former administration. Justice Department and FBI officials took an opposition research document funded partly by Hillary Clinton and used its “salacious” and “unverified” claims as court evidence to obtain a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign.

It was the Obama administration simply weaponizing the government against a political opponent.

“So many unanswered questions are sitting there crying out for answers,” Simon writes.

He points out that former CIA director John Brennan assured America many times “that Trump was virtually Putin’s lackey.”

But now Brennan says he may have been misinformed.

“Were I a reporter anxious to make my reputation, I might ask Mr. Brennan who those sources were and what they said.”

Democrats may suffer political consequences, Simon writes. He points to Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale’s revelation that “an astounding 34 percent of those attending the massive Trump rally in Michigan on March 31 were Democrats.”

Talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh noted Thursday that Democrats are insisting Attorney General William Barr is covering up derogatory information about Trump.

He pointed to Simon’s column, which reasons that “40 FBI agents, 19 anti-Trump, pro-Hillary lawyers, $30 million produce 400 pages alleging no collusion and no obstruction.”

“The next obvious question, what the hell was this, then? Why was this done? Why was this investigation launched? Who did that, why, and when? You mean, after 40 FBI agents, over two years, $30 million, 19 Hillary-loving lawyers on Mueller’s team, and nothing?” said Limbaugh.

“So his point is the obvious question’s gonna be, why the hell did this happen? And that means that people are gonna demand to know why it happened, which will then facilitate and launch an investigation to answer those questions.

“He believes that to get to the bottom of this, which people are then gonna demand, we’re gonna have to go to the Obama administration,” Limbaugh said.