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Top Easter movies, gifts, prepper items in WND's expanded 'Spring Cleaning Sale'

Reader response to the WND Superstore’s “Spring Cleaning Sale” – featuring dozens of popular products dramatically reduced in price, some down to 99 cents – has been so strong, we have doubled the number of items now available at crazy-low prices.

Right now, here are a few highlights of what you’ll find in our “Spring Cleaning Sale,” with an emphasis on Easter:

Watch the trailer for “In the Face of Evil”:

As Peter Schweizer, author of “Reagan’s War,” the book on which “In the Face of Evil” is based, says:

“Today, it is fashionable to explain that victory in the Cold War was a group effort, including every American president from Truman to Reagan. Former president Gerald Ford says the credit doesn’t belong to any one leader but to the American people, as if who happened to be in charge really didn’t matter. Others, such as former secretary of state Madeleine Albright, contend that it was the ultimate team effort. ‘There were the communists and there were us; the good guys and the bad guys … it was fairly easy to understand.’ If Reagan did anything, says [historian Robert] Dallek, it was simply to stand on the shoulders of every other Cold War president before him.”

Such nonsense evaporates in light of the true story, so hauntingly and compellingly told in Bannon’s “In the Face of Evil.”

Other key items in the WND Superstore’s “Spring Cleaning Sale” this week include:

“Every Boy Needs a Hero” is not just another baseball movie. It’s about restoring and strengthening relationships between fathers and their children. It’s a movie that reminds viewers of what is truly important and encourages them to get their life’s priorities right.

Other items included in WND’s “Spring Cleaning Sale” this week include:

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