The U.S. Army wants to equip individual soldiers with a “suicide drone” that can take out enemy troops and light vehicles, the Army Times reports.

The Lethal Miniature Aerial Missile System, or LAMS, is a shoulder-launched drone that can hit targets more than 12 miles away.

They’re called “loitering munitions” because they can hover over a target beyond line of sight for more than 15 minutes.

“Soldiers have used versions of loitering munitions at training exercises in Germany and they’ve also been deployed operationally in Iraq and Syria,” the report said.

The craft can identify targets and “loiter when needed and abort missions and redirect the device.”

A control box allows the soldier to see the target and guide the missile.

The Army is looking for a missile that’s “ready to go out of the box with the warhead, data link, guidance, sensor and launcher in one set.”

“LMAMS must have the ability to automatically lock on and track a stationary or moving target,” the Army says. “Once a target is selected by the operator in the terminal phase of engagement, no further operator input shall be required.”

It will have the capacity of taking out personnel and light-duty vehicles, the report said.

The Times said, “The Army’s Combat Capabilities Development Command has already put together some of the technical aspects and is expected to provide the documents and/or the software to build, integrate and test the final product.”

It said the Marines are working on a similar project.

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