Ashley Bratcher, the actress who plays Planned Parenthood nemesis Abby Johnson in the stunningly successful new movie “Unplanned,” says she knew her performance might trigger Hollywood to blacklist her.

But she said that risk was “very small” compared to the value of getting the message out.

“Think of all the people who are affected by this movie,” she said in an interview with Samaritan’s Purse chief Franklin Graham, who posted it online.

“I believe God’s going to honor me because he called me to do this,” she said.

The film tells the story of Johnson, a Planned Parenthood clinic manager who was awarded employee of the year. Her clinic had conducted thousands of abortions before she was called for the first time to the surgical room to assist.

What she saw shocked and horrified her so much that she fled the abortion industry to become a pro-life activist.

Bratcher explains how she became an actress for a local talent agency, worked in New York briefly and experienced her own unplanned pregnancy.

She said she expressed interest in playing Johnson after an Instagram follower, a “crazy” lady, twice insisted she pursue the role.

Bratcher did the audition then looked up Johnson’s life story.

“That rocked my world,” she said.

In the movie she, as Johnson, is warned, “You just made an enemy of one of the most powerful organizations on the planet.”

Bratcher likely is considered in that same category by Planned Parenthood after her performance.

She said the organization looks for “ambitious young women” on college campuses. When the women come on board they feel “empowered,” said Bratcher.

Johnson, she said, she was “looking out at these angry protesters” and believed “obviously I’m the one doing the compassionate thing.”

“Once when you’re deceived you don’t know you’re being deceived,” she explained.

Graham said his prayer is that as a result of the movie, “There will be an army of churches … [that] just go to the fence and pray.”

WND previously reported the movie exceeded expectations with revenue of more than $6 million its first weekend. It passed Planned Parenthood in followers on Twitter, with more than 300,000.

WND reported “Unplanned” has succeed despite considerable opposition. Over its opening weekend, for example, Twitter had an “error” that shut down the movie’s account.

Then that same “error” allegedly deleted 50,000 followers.

Actress Robia Scott talked about her role in the movie:

And Matthew West created a music video for “Unplanned”:

Fox News reported Johnson, the former Planned Parenthood manager, now has a ministry called And Then There Were None that helps abortion workers get new jobs.

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