Watch abortionists clown about killing babies

By WND Staff

A celebration of abortion at an event in Seattle by an actress and an abortionist who believes he’s doing God’s work drew attention on Twitter.

Abortion-rights activist and actress Martha Plimpton was on stage with Dr. Willie Parker when she noted the city of Seattle was significant to her, with family members from the area in the audience.

“I also had my first abortion at the Seattle Planned Parenthood! Yay!” she said to applause and cheers.

“Notice I said first. And I don’t want you guys to feel insecure. It was my best one,” she deadpanned to laughter from the audience and from Parker.

“Heads and tails above the rest, if I could Yelp review it,” she said to further laughter.

The event took place June 6, 2017, but was spotlighted Tuesday on Twitter.

Alison H. Centofante of the pro-life group Live Action tweeted that Parker is “a smarter, better dressed Dr. Kermit Gosnell,” referring to the Philadelphia abortionist sentenced to life in prison without parole for murdering babies after failed abortions.

“Equally creepy. Instead of breaking their necks outside of the womb, Dr. Parker breaks their necks inside the womb. Both laugh about it,” she wrote.

Kevin Sorbo (Twitter profile photo)
Kevin Sorbo (Twitter profile photo)

Actor Kevin Sorbo, known for his roles in movies with Christian themes including “God’s Not Dead,” tweeted: “Wow….how pathetic. Happy little murderers. Amazing!”

Parker was introduced by the founders of a group called #ShoutYourAbortion, Lindy West and Amelia Bonow.

Parker: ‘I meet God every day’

In her Seattle Times column before the event, Nicole Brodeur quoted extensively from Parker’s book “A Life’s Work: A Moral Argument for Choice.”

The columnist asked Parker if he worried what awaited him when he faced God.

“I meet God every day with the people who need my help,” Parker replied. “I know God and God will know me. I don’t believe that the people who say they know God will have any say in that.”

Last month, abortion-rights advocate Candice Russell accused Parker of committing “inappropriate and predatory behavior” toward her, reported Rewire News.

Parker denied the allegations, insisting he has “never had sex with anyone without obtaining their consent or giving mine.”

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