Whistleblowers: U.K. kids victims of trans-experiments

By WND Staff

This is the image included in a Department of Education blog instructing educators to be aware of bullying of Muslim students and to "include Islam" in their classroom lesson plans and discussions.

Five clinicians at a gender clinic in the United Kingdom have quit, blowing the whistle on allegations that children as young as 3 are going through unneeded gender-reassignment treatments.

The Christian Institute was among the groups reporting the allegations against the National Health Service’s Gender Identity Development Service clinics, or GIDS, in London and Leeds.

The former staff members contend the gender treatments could be damaging.

In November, the GIDS in London was accused of “fast-tracking” children through its system.

“An Oxford professor now says the center is performing a ‘live experiment’ on children, by sending them for life-changing medical intervention,” the institute said.

The service supposedly diagnoses gender dysphoria issues and hands out hormone blockers, the institute said.

At the age of 16, “many of the children are then issued with irreversible cross-sex hormones which helps them to ‘change sex.'”

It’s a misnomer because although people can change the way they look and act, sex, being male or female, is embedded in the DNA and cannot be changed.

The report said it was Carl Heneghan of the Centre for Evidence-based Medicine at Oxford who accused GIDS of doing “unregulated live experiment” on children.

The institute reported that last year 2,519 children, some as young as 3, were referred to the gender clinic.

“Experts say the number is increasing as transgender lobby groups, such as Mermaids, encourage vulnerable young people to push for medical intervention,” the institute said.

“Earlier this year it was revealed that GIDS had hidden results of its use of experimental puberty blockers on teenagers. The study showed that its hormone treatment could have devastating outcomes including ‘a significant increase’ in the number of adolescents who said they ‘deliberately try to hurt or kill themselves,'” the report said.

DailyMail.com reported that at least 18 staff members have fled the clinic in just the last three years.

Many feared that not enough checks are being done to correctly diagnose child patients, the report said.

The center, part of the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, claimed it does a careful diagnoses for each case.

A spokesman said that in recent years those needing such treatments has “dramatically increased.”

DailyMail.com said, “A report by former staff governor David Bell, said some children ‘take up a trans identity as a solution’ to ‘multiple problems such as historic child abuse in the family, bereavement, homophobia, and a very significant incidence of autism spectrum disorder.'”

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