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Conservative filmmaker runs for Dem presidential nomination

The newest announced candidate for the Democratic Party nomination for president is a stunner.

He’s conservative, he’s running because all the others are “insane” and says their policies, well, ahem (cough, cough) suck.

The candidate is conservative documentary creator Ami Horowitz.

“The Democratic Party has become the party of socialism, open borders and late term abortions. They’ve become so radicalized over the past several years that I feel compelled to try to bring some sanity into the discussion,” he said.

“So if you want to see me throw an intellectual hand grenade on the Democratic debate stage and hold them accountable, go to AmiForAmerica.com and donate some money.”

The Hill reported that if he gets to the 65,000-unique donor threshold set by the DNC, he will appear in a primary debate.

There are nearly two dozen candidates for the nomination.

“Horowitz has produced several conservative documentaries and is well known for his 2009 film ‘U.N. Me,’ a satiric production that is critical of the United Nations, and his 2016 film ‘Stockholm Syndrome,’ a 10-minute video that seeks to draw a connection between an increase in refugees arriving in Sweden to rising crime rates there,” the Hill said.

Twitter news aggregator Twitchy said, “The last thing we thought we needed was someone else jumping into the Democratic race for president in 2020, and if anyone did jump in this late, we figured it would be another fringe socialist like Bill de Blasio.

“Instead, Ami Horowitz says he’s running because all the current Democratic candidates are insane and their policies suck,” the site said. “You had us at ‘insane.’ We know we left a dollar around here somewhere.”

On Twitter, Mike Hennessy called the announcement “the most concise, persuasive campaign pitch I’ve ever seen.”

Commentator Ben Shapiro added, “LMAO DO IT.”

Twitter user “generic pseudonym” wrote: “Honestly I think 65,000 people would donate a dollar to nominate a ham sandwich at this point. Hell, it might even win the nomination considering the candidates it would run against.”

“Absolutely worth it,” said another Twitter user highlighted on the Twitchy page.