Attack, attack and attack; but don’t stop there. Make each new attack more extreme, more ad hominem and more vulgar. Ignore all evidence to the contrary and accuse the investigators of wrongdoing, then switch in mid-stride to accusing the investigators of being bullied into a wrong conclusion.

Attack and attempt to humiliate President Trump’s children; crudely belittle his youngest child.

The aforementioned is the Democrats’ reasoned approach to cogent debate regarding why they have a better plan for moving America forward than President Trump.

In reality they are succeeding only in making President Trump a sympathetic figure. But they’re too blinded by hatred to reason that fact. They’re too arrogant to realize they are disrespecting the intelligence and sense of fairness of the American people.

The Democrats at last count had 23 candidates running to unseat President Trump in 2020. However, not one of them has distinguished him or herself as the summum bonum juxtaposed to President Trump.

They do not give credit to the accomplishments made by President Trump; they instead hiss that he is bad. They laughably credit Obama for the most vibrant economy in several decades, when in fact the only real thing Obama accomplished was having more people living on government subsidies than at any time in history. Albeit, Obama did mandate grown men must be allowed to use bathrooms with little girls and our wives and mothers.

Instead of these candidates giving President Trump credit for his massive accomplishments, not least of which are the manufacturing jobs that are returning to America, they attack.

The Democrats obviously overlook that President Trump is not only responsible for turning around the economy, but he did it without the “magic wand” Obama condescendingly said it would take to accomplish what President Trump has done.

Instead of praising President Trump’s work in restraining North Korea, the Democrats support failed global socialism. Instead of recognizing and applauding what President Trump has done for America, they boast and promise if they are elected they will return America to what she was before. What they overlook is that the American people soundly rejected what America was before, when they elected President Trump. The American people like having more money in their paychecks. The working people like lower taxes. Americans like having a president who is committed to bringing in new, higher-paying working-class jobs and the return of higher-paying blue-collar jobs. The American workers are glad to receive bonuses at the end of the year, and only a fool would be stupid enough to think that Democratic leaders mocking those bonuses as not being significant is endearing.

President Trump advocates for American prosperity, American economic growth and American security. The Democratic candidates advocate for an unsustainable agenda of making everything free. Instead of giving the president credit for the direction the country is now headed in and then adding what they would do to build upon what he has accomplished, they claim he has accomplished nothing.

The American people are smarter than that. Democratic attacks claiming that President Trump has made America a worse place to live are spitting in the face of the American people.

The Democrats are displaying their elitism and perceived social superiority. They are not appealing to the interests of We the People. They are appealing to the lowest common denominator of society. They are promoting the most extreme ideals of the fringe elements in our country.

In the process they’re making President Trump into a more appealing figure. In the final analysis, Americans by and large have a sense of fair play and subscribe to the recognition of fair play and accomplishment.

The Democrats fail to recognize that blatant attempts to circumvent the Constitution and disenfranchise voters will transmogrify our election process into the third-world election regime of a potentate.

As I said, the American people aren’t stupid, nor are they deaf and blind. We know when we’re better off. We know when a person is suffering rabid attacks by the group responsible for Jimmy Carter, Hillary Clinton and Obama.

The Democrats are more foolish than I give them credit for, if they believe their continued assault on President Trump and his family is a winning strategy. The American people want to continue in the direction we’re heading today.

We do not want a return to the past in which unemployment, food stamps, lack of jobs, low GDP and upward spiraling cost of goods and services were crippling our families. We want to hear what the opposing candidates will do to build upon what President Trump has accomplished and continues to accomplish.

President Trump has almost single-handedly reset the course of America to the benefit of We the People. Attacking what he has accomplished for us is a formula guaranteed to make him a sympathetic figure in the eyes of the American people. And that will have a tsunami effect when rational Americans go to the ballot box in 2020. It sets the stage for potentially the greatest presidential landslide victory in history.

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