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Equality Act 'incompatible with God's Word, top Christians warn

The Equality Act in Congress, which would embed the LGBT agenda into U.S. law, is being blasted by a “Who’s Who” of Christian leaders.

A letter Monday from 21 leaders to Republican and Democratic leadership in the House and Senate declares their “adamant” opposition to the “poorly named Equality Act.”

“We the undersigned cannot remain silent concerning a dangerous bill pending in Congress known as the Equality Act (H.R. 5). Not only is it incompatible with God’s Word (the Bible) and the historic teaching of the church, but the Equality Act is also riddled with threats to religious liberty and the sanctity of human life,” they wrote.

Signatories included Tony Perkins of Family Research Council, former Rep. Michele Bachmann, Paul Blair of Reclaiming America for Christ, Stephen Broden of Fair Park Bible Fellowship, Times Square Church Pastor Carter Conlon, James Dobson of the James Dobson Family Institute, Jim Garlow of Well Versed, Franklin Graham of Samaritan’s Purse, Jack Graham of Prestonwood Baptist in Texas, Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, Harry Jackson Jr. of International Communion of Evangelical Churches and Robert Jeffress of First Baptist in Dallas.

Also, Guillermo Maldonado of King Jesus International Ministry, author and radio host Eric Metaxas, Robert Morris of Gateway Church, Ramiro Pena of Christ the King in Waco, Everett Piper of Oklahoma Wesleyan University, Ralph Reed of the Faith & Freedom Coalition, James Robison of LIFE Outreach, Todd Wanger of Watermark Community Church and Tim Wildmon of American Family Association.

Collectively, they are considered leaders for tens of millions of Americans.

The letter was sent to Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer, because it is their proposal. The letter also went to Republican leaders.

“First, the ideology enshrined in the Equality Act – which falsely equates one’s sexual conduct with immutable characteristics like skin color and ethnicity – is a falsehood that openly contradicts the scriptural mandates we were given for our good (1 Thess. 4:3-8),” the letter explains. “We cannot remain silent and allow this lie to harm countless men, women, and children – whether in this or any other legislation. … No family would be safe from the long reach of the Equality Act.”

Also, the leaders contended, the Democratic proposal would “gut” religious freedom protections in the U.S.

“Under its changes to the employment nondiscrimination provisions in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, some houses of worship would be barred from ensuring their leaders and other employees abide by their beliefs about marriage, sexual behavior, and the distinction between the sexes. Women who identify as men would have to be accepted as men and therefore potentially eligible to serve in positions reserved for men (such as a Catholic Priest or Jewish Rabbi).”

It explained the law also would force religious employers to pay for insurance for “gender transition” and other procedures that “violate biblical teaching.”

Further, the plan eliminates the Religious Freedom Restoration Act’s provision preventing people from using religious freedom as a defense against LGBT demands that contradict their faith.

And faith-based adoption providers would face discrimination, the letter said.

The proposal “would force faith-based organizations to choose between continuing their life-affirming work or violating the tenets of their faith.”

Finally, the plan would create “a right to demand abortion.”

“The termination of human life in the womb is unacceptable to any biblically and historically faithful Christian.”

The bill, the letter explains, “must be stopped.”

The Alliance Defending Freedom previously condemned the plan.

“Essentially, the ‘Equality Act’ gives people of faith an ultimatum: Change your faith-based practices or face government punishment,” wrote the ADF’s Sarah Kramer in an post about the proposal.

Washington watchdog Judicial Watch earlier warned it would remove access to all single-sex “public multi-stall bathrooms, domestic violence or rape crisis shelters, drug rehabilitation centers, jails, juvenile detention facilities, homeless shelters, locker rooms or group showers.”

Dobson previously warned, “Make no mistake – the so-called Equality Act is nothing but a thinly veiled attempt to finish off religious liberty in America once and for all, which ought to be plainly obvious based upon a cursory reading of the First Amendment.”

Rep. Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., said, during congressional discussion, that religious rights protected by the First Amendment never should be used as a defense in a conflict with LGBT demands.

Liberty Counsel said the bill “literally sets the stage for setting up the Bible as prohibited material where it addresses homosexuality.”

The Heritage Foundation said employers, workers, medical professionals, parents, children, women and nonprofit organizations all would be harmed by the plan.