Were you one of the millions of people blown away by messianic rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s “The Harbinger,” his “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment” and his other New York Times bestsellers, including “The Mystery of the Shemitah,” “The Book of Mysteries” and “The Paradigm”?

Since 2012, Cahn has emerged as one of the most gifted Bible teachers in the world. Since then, WND Films has taken his most explosive sermons and speeches, added production values, enhanced sound and turned some of them into mini-documentaries that will make your family Bible study time come alive. You’ll want to share these rich teachings with others in your church and use them for evangelistic outreach.

The most recent of these conveniently packaged teachings is “Jonathan Cahn’s Biblical Teachings Set, Volume 4,” which includes:

  • “The Endtime Revelation Strategy” – Persecution has followed Christians from day one. Now that the endtime draws closer than ever, Rabbi Cahn encourages Christians to live out their faith with boldness because God will give power and strength to be a witness for Him.


  • “In YHVH: The I Am Mysteries” – When God revealed His name as “I Am” to Moses, it was more than just a name by which to call God. Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn unlocks how “I Am” encapsulates God’s power, identity, and our personal relationship with Him.
  • “The The Ninth of AV Mystery” – Various calamities have befallen the Jewish people on the “Ninth of Av” on the Hebrew calendar. Rabbi Cahn ties all of these calamities together, from Christ crucified to the Nazi’s “final solution,” as part of God’s plan for Jewish revival.

Also now available from the WND Superstore is “Jonathan Cahn’s Biblical Teachings Set, Volume 2,” which includes:

  • “The Secret of the Eighth Day” – One of the most amazing of biblical mysteries revealed: the mystery of the Eighth Day and the Eighth Age, from the seven steps of Ezekiel to the mystery of Shemini Atzeret, and to the actual entering of the eighth day following the Millennium.


  • “The Mishkan Clue” – Examine the “theories” of the Messiah’s birth. It’s a spiritual journey, a quest, to discovering a mystery from the ancient writings of the rabbis to unlocking hidden clues in the writings of the early church fathers. Learn the meaning behind the original Tabernacle (Mishkan) as God’s dwelling place
  • “The Mystery of the Ilanot” – The plan of the ages as hidden in the mystery of the law of the trees, the olive tree mystery, the fig tree mystery, the four and five ages, the mystery of the realms, the law of the spiritual and physical resurrections, the rebirth of the messianic movement and the rebirth of Israel

“Each one of these teachings will embolden your faith, shake your world and give you hope,” the producer of the series, Joseph Farah, said upon their release. “You’ll want to watch them over and over again – taking notes. It’s like getting a chance to sit in on Jonathan Cahn’s congregation. It’s amazing how one messianic rabbi has discovered such rich material and no one delivers it like Jonathan, whose anointing is powerful indeed.”

You’ll want to share these teachings with your pastors and church staff, just as you did with “The Harbinger,” “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment” and “The Mystery of Shemitah.” If you can’t get enough of Jonathan Cahn, these teachings are for you.

SPECIAL BONUS: Another terrific Jonathan Cahn product in the WND Superstore – now available at the dramatically reduced price of only 99 cents – is the spectacular biographical film, “The Harbinger Man: The Jonathan Cahn Story.”

How did Cahn rise from relative obscurity to worldwide prominence and acclaim? Raised a Reform Jew, and hardened as an atheist, why did Cahn beg God to reveal Himself by laying Cahn near death’s door? Was it Cahn’s wake-up call to surrender to Christ? But why? For what purpose?


Now, for the first time ever in the biographical documentary, The Harbinger Man: The Jonathan Cahn Story, Rabbi Cahn reveals – in his own words – his journey from being God’s enemy to one rallying the nation to repentance and righteousness.

“Before God judges a nation, He sends warnings,” Cahn has said. “But America, like Israel, has not responded with repentance, but with defiance.”

While an impending judgment hangs over America, Cahn leaves room for hope. He cites 2 Chronicles 7:14: “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

Will there be judgment or revival? Is this the final warning? Find out in “The Harbinger Man: The Jonathan Cahn Story,” now only 99 cents!

These and many other Jonathan Cahn products, some temporarily reduced to super-low prices, are available in the Jonathan Cahn section of the WND Superstore!


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