There have been a large number of articles and commentaries about tariffs seemingly designed to create discontent among farmers or make it seem that there already is. Yes, prices are down, but most of us understand the larger issue of fair trade and that it is not an easy or quick fix.

Calling it Trump’s trade war is inaccurate and misleading. China and others have been systematically taking advantage of this country with the help of the globalists for decades. Trump is the first president to get serious about fighting back.

The column “What media won’t tell you about Trump and China” by Curtis Ellis is very informative. It lists the ways China has been attacking the U.S. Pat Buchanan’s “Tariffs: The taxes that Made American Great” gives the historical perspective. “Changing Trade Landscape may Grow U.S. Soybean Demand” by Laura Temple in Soy Perspectives, May 2019, presents the silver lining.

However, the main reason grain prices are down as much as they are is large stocks worldwide. The May 10 USDA numbers on world stocks tell the story. Ignoring this, the media are focusing on the trade negotiations with China and blaming Trump for low prices while they should be reporting on China’s economic assaults on U.S. business and its unfair trade practices – something they have deliberately ignored for years.

Trump has finally acknowledged the war that was going on a long time before he was president, which does not make it his war.

Daniel Harms

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