(American Thinker) — The myth that all student debt can and should be eliminated, and why free tuition would hurt the American dream.

The phrase “Free college tuition for all!” has been passed around like Halloween candy for a while now. The mainstream left has used this as a springboard in nearly all campaigning done in recent history, without really any clarification of not only how it would work, but how it would affect the common American on his bottom line. This notion that higher education should be available for everyone is another idea that is great in theory but has several holes that the country and common Americans cannot fill. Nor should we have to.

Colleges and universities in this country are prestigious for the education they provide to thousands of Americans and foreign students every year to help get them on track for a successful professional path. No one would really argue this is a bad thing. However, there are plenty of people in this country who do not have the capability to go to college. Whether that is due to financial reasons, pursuit of other fields not requiring higher education, or even just lack of desire to go. This isn’t a bad thing either. A college education is something to take pride in, but the left fail to see that Americans without one take pride in many other things and even put those thing higher in importance than a diploma.

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