Democrats, especially the couple dozen candidates for president in 2020, had harped for months on their claim that there was no crisis, no emergency, no problem at the U.S. southern border with Mexico.

That’s despite the drugs, the human trafficking, the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens entering the U.S., some reportedly even renting children for the trip so that they can avoid being detained.

A commentary in the Hill only a short time ago noted that, “We would all love to believe the rhetoric of Democrats on immigration.”

“No one wants a real crisis on our southern border. No one wants to see illegal alien gangs murdering teens in our cities, or accept the fact that the drug cartels profit from our weak immigration laws, or acknowledge that 80 percent of women and girls get raped as they make their journey across Mexico into the United States,” it said.

But the facts now have emerged that document how wrong those naysayers were.

In Paul Bedard’s column in the Washington Examiner, he reported on statistics from the United States Sentencing Commission that shows “Immigration crime, virtually all involving illegal male, Hispanic immigrants, was the top offense in federal courts last year.”

Those crimes, in fact, accounted for 34.4 percent of all sentencing cases, up from 30 percent last year, he reported.

There were 69,425 cases cited, and in the immigration category, “most involved Hispanics and illegal immigrants,” he explained.

“In fiscal year 2018, 54.3 percent of all offenders were Hispanic, 21.2 percent were white, 20.6 percent were black, and 3.8 percent were of another race. Non-U.S. citizens accounted for 42.7 percent of all federal offenders,” the report said.

“Immigration cases accounted for the largest single group of offenses in fiscal year 2018, comprising 34.4 percent of all reported cases. Cases involving drugs, firearms, and fraud were the next most common types of offenses after immigration cases. Together these four types of offenses accounted for 82.9 percent of all cases reported to the commission in fiscal year 2018,” the report said.

The Hill openly had wondered, “What will it take for the Democrats to admit there is a real crisis on our southern border? What will it take for the liberals in Washington to stop attacking President Trump whenever he proposes solutions? How many illegal immigrants must be released into our communities before the Democrats heed his warnings?”

Its commentary had cited a speech from Democrat candidate Beto O’Rourke, who had attacked Trump’s rhetoric on the subject. O’Rourke also repeated the false claim that Trump called illegal aliens “animals,” a term which the president actually applied to violate MS-13 gang members.

The study showed 97.6 percent of the “immigration” crimes involved illegal aliens.

It also showed 96.3 percent involved Hispanics, 92.7 percent involved men, 91.5 percent involved noncitizens and more.

Reported Bedard, “The commission said that immigration cases include, ‘trafficking in U.S. passports, trafficking in entry documents, failure to surrender naturalization certificate, fraudulently acquiring U.S. passports, smuggling, transporting, or harboring an unlawful alien, fraudulently acquiring entry documents, and unlawfully entering or remaining in the U.S.'”


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