Obama’s brother spills beans on ‘narcissist’ Barack

By WND Staff

Malik Obama, the older half-brother of Barack Obama, said in an interview that when he fell on hard times, he asked to stay with his brother and his family for a brief period, but Michelle Obama was against it.

Malik told “The Hidden Truth Show with Jim Breslo” the then-president turned his back on him again when two of Malik’s children died while waiting for approval to come to the United States from Kenya.

“I told him, brother, you’ve got to help me out,” Malik said.

He said that while illegal immigrants entered the U.S. claiming they had a right to be there, he was “struggling to follow the legal channel.”

The relationship went from being the best man at each other’s weddings to no longer being on speaking terms, Malik said, PJ Media reported.

Malik said the falling out centered on Malik starting the Barack H. Obama Foundation, named for Barack Obama Sr.

“He said if I don’t shut it down, he is going to cut me off,” Malik said. “This was an opportunity to do something. If he were to be a part of it, it would not be an issue. It is my father’s foundation.”

Malik said his brother “is a narcissist.”

“He feels like he is only one.”

Malik added that Barack Obama Sr. was never a goat-herder, as Obama claimed in his book “Dreams from My Father” and in numerous speeches.

But Malik said he still hopes for reconciliation.

“I don’t hate my brother. I love him. If we could get to reconcile, I would love to reconcile with him. I am just speaking from my heart,” he said.

But Malik said Barack “talks about being ‘my brother’s keeper’ but his own brother is struggling in the slums. His own aunt in Boston is struggling. Is that something you can sincerely say he is for real in what he is trying to do? He should have helped her. She is his aunt, his father’s sister. I feel that family is family.”

Malik was referring to their late aunt Zeituni Onyango, whose illegal status in the U.S. was leaked to the media during the 2008 presidential campaign, and half-brother George Hussein Onyango Obama.

Malik Obama said his issues with his brother contributed to his decision to support Donald Trump.

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