Swedish blogger Fredrik became the target of death threats after posting a joke about Ramadan.

A Swedish blogger known as Fredrik became the target of death threats after posting a joke about Ramadan.

A Swedish blogger who joked about the Islamic holiday Ramadan in an Instagram post now fears leaving his house because of threats of violence against him and his family.

After his joke went viral on the social media platform, the blogger, known as Fredrik, and his family were targeted with threats of rape and death, reported the Swedish news site Samhällsnytt.

Fredrik jokingly proposed to mark the Muslim month of fasting by doing exactly the opposite.

“Recently I’ve heard it’s Ramadan. It goes on for an entire month and involves fasting,” he wrote in Instagram. “I’ve got an idea. We shall do everything that is forbidden by the Quran. We shall eat pork every day until 4 July. We shall booze every day until 4 July and do other things that are forbidden. This feast we shall call ‘Haramadan’. Cheers!”

Samhällsnytt said the after the avalanche of threats, Fredrik’s Instagram account switched into closed mode.

The population of Muslims in Sweden has grown from about 500 in 1953 to more than 8 percent of the country’s 10 million, according to a 2017 Pew Research report.

If you can’t take a joke …

Jihad Watch pointed out that “other faiths endure jokes and insults without incident.”

“The troubling reaction to Fredrik’s joke is further demonstration of a lack of assimilation into Western culture by some Muslims,” wrote Jihad Watch’s Christine Douglass-Williams.

“Islamic supremacists become increasingly violent when emboldened, in their quest to enforce the sharia, while their allies are quick to shout ‘Islamophobia’ at every turn and ‘preach’ that violence has nothing to do with Islam.”

She noted that “death threats, mob lynchings and murder are commonplace in countries such as Pakistan for punishment upon those who either offend Islam or are accused of doing so.”

Fredrik said he intends to be more careful in the future.

“I don’t even dare to go out anymore,” he told Samhällsnytt. “I’m afraid to be beaten up by some immigrant. More people need to know how today’s Sweden looks. You shouldn’t be harassed and threatened just because of your jokes about a celebration.”

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