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Report: Facebook home to incitement against Jews

Anyone look for incitement against Jews need look no further than Facebook, reports Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

The Middle East Media Research Institute has released an extensive, new report by C.R. Rublin that found Facebook’s pages “serve as a platform for U.S.-based neo-Nazis and white supremacists, whose posts on them can include blatant incitement against Jews.”

“The anti-Jewish incitement in these posts includes support for Nazi ideology; expressions of racial hatred and demonization of Jews, including specifically American Jews; conspiracy theories regarding Jewish plans to take control of the world and destroy Western moral values; and calls to action against Jews,” MEMRI said.

The report noted that the groups and posters generally follow “various conspiracy theories, primarily concerning 9/11 and ‘chemtrails,’ and also deny the Holocaust.”

“None of the antisemitic posts in these groups [was] removed by the group’s moderators; in fact, often the moderators themselves endorse such posts and even post similar statements themselves,” the report said.

Among the groups are “Boycott Israel,” “BDS FIRST,” “Stand with Palestine,” “ANTI ZIONIST – BOYCOTT ISRAEL,” “A group for Palestine and its friends” and “Boycott Israel … Support the BDS.”

The study found that several posters “express concern about the common classification of Jews as ‘whites.’ They emphasize that Jews are not ‘white’ and that they have in fact been waging a battle against the white race and culture since early times. The Jews are accused of encouraging ‘inbreeding’ between whites and other races in order to eliminate the white race.”

One example, MEMRI said, was from user Matthew Weigmann, who wrote: “The enlightened Aryan undoubtedly understands that the Zionist is his or her enemy! What many of us fail to understand is that the Zionist is not the only enemy to our people. There is most certainly an enemy within. The white men and women who involve themselves in such ignoble practices such as miscegenation are the true enemies amongst us […] The unenlightened White man or woman embraces foreign concepts and treacherous behavior simply because they are fearful of embracing the truth, Or simply because they are uncomfortable with who they are or who they come from. This is a learned behavior perpetuated by Jewish controlled learning institutions. For we are the only race of people who are taught and encouraged to hate ourselves. Nevertheless, victory for our folk is inevitable.”

Many of the memes are in visual form. One posted by Alexis Poulos said: “Jewish privilege Running all the banks and fleecing us with their usury,” and “White privilege Getting blamed for the world’s problems by Jewish supremacists.”

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