Now that we finally have an attorney general that is a loyal American, I would like to see every person that perpetuated the Russia collusion lie to be held accountable.

Yes, we know all about the First Amendment, but there is also such a thing as sedition, and that is what CNN, MSNBC and the major networks have been doing for the last two-plus years. I not only want to see the major players in the FBI, CIA, DOJ etc. in this coup plot indicted; I want to see every commentator that push this lie charged with sedition. And while they are at it, let them look into Facebook and Google and all of the other Obama accomplices that pushed this lie.

And when we are through with that we can go to work on those responsible for massive voter fraud throughout the country.

Not just a slap on the hands – I want a RECKONING!

Michael Pacer

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