Tax expert fired for stating men are … men

By WND Staff


A tax expert who was fired by a think tank because she expressed her opinion via Twitter that men are men is taking her former employer to court.

Maya Forstater, 45, was working for the Centre for Global Development in the U.K. when she wrote of her concern about allowing people to choose their gender, arguing its determined by biology rather than identity. reported she wrote on Twitter it’s a biological fact that “men cannot change into women.”

She explained her employer immediately “expressed concern” and said, “I was told to put a disclaimer into my twitter bio and warned that a lot of people would find my tweets offensive and exclusionary.”

She then was dismissed, she said, even though she was found innocent of breaching company policy.

The U.K.’s Christian Institute noted Forstater is arguing that her beliefs are protected under the Equality Act in the U.K. and firing violates that law.

In her Twitter conversation about the transgender issue, she wrote that “being a woman/female [isn’t] a matter of identity or womanly feelings. It is biology.”

She already has raised about $70,000 in cover the legal costs of a tribunal.

“I am concerned that governments around the world are rushing through laws and policies which say that people with male bodies can become women simply by identifying as women,” she explained.

The institute noted that another case triggered by comments about transgenderism on social media was dismissed because there was “no evidence of a hate crime or harassment.”

In that case, a man who underwent gender reassignment surgery but still recognizes himself as male, was accused of harassing a transgender rights activist.

He had said publicly that people cannot change sex and for that was accused by Helen Islan of the trans-activist group Mermaids of a hate crime.

Forstater wrote on Twitter that “when men wear make-up, heels, dresses they don’t become women.”

She also said there are problems with letting men who say they are women into single-sex spaces such as changing rooms.

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