This unique, world-shaping nation – our “sweet land of liberty”– faces an existential Satanic threat in the Marxist Uniparty campaign to destroy our president. For His own reasons reminiscent of His picks for the Old Testament judges, God chose this flawed but fearless bare-knuckle fighter, Donald J. Trump, to rescue America from the Clinton/Obama/Bush/Soros/Deep State takedown in 2016 and to grant its people a short reprieve: a limited window of opportunity to rally behind the Constitution and Christianity as they were understood by our Founding Fathers.

Most clear-thinking Americans recognized in 2016 how close we came to national collapse at the hands of the Clinton Crime Family, but two and a half years of relentless carpet-bombing of the Trump administration by the treasonous mass media and continuous, profoundly devious multi-faceted and multi-layered regime-change tactics by the Deep State and the elites of both parties (the Mueller campaign is only one part of it) appears to have weakened the resolve of some segments of the “Trump base.”

So far, the softening of support appears limited to those most susceptible to small-picture politics grounded in their own pet issues. But if ever there were a time to keep a firm hold on the big picture, this is it.

Never in the history of this nation has anything come close to the legal, political and psychological blitzkrieg being waged against Trump. It is the sum of the attacks on Robert Bork plus Clarence Thomas plus Roy Moore plus Brett Kavanagh times 100. And, importantly, it is the same axis of evil driving it: Atheists, pro-aborts, LGBT radicals, totalitarian socialists and predatory corporatists. It is the same coalition of hard lefties who have systematically and successfully waged culture war – across the entire spectrum of social and fiscal conservatism – against Christians and constitutional originalists – since the early 20th century. They have taken us to the very brink of collapse.

Why do they hate Trump so zealously? Because America – the real America handed down to us by the founders – is the only thing that stands in the way of these diabolical, God-hating fanatics and their world-conquering agenda. And President Donald Trump is the man chosen – by God and American voters – for this desperate season, to lead real America’s last stand against them.

In a very real sense, at this critical moment America is Trump and Trump is America. If Trump goes down, America goes down. The window of reprieve will have closed, and this once exceptional nation will be cannibalized and assimilated into the new globalist order along with every other country that has followed Trump’s lead.

Because if this tireless, thick-skinned, hard-punching, PC-rejecting, Christianity-defending warrior, who can’t be steered or intimidated by the leftist media, who knows all the left’s dirty tricks as only a former insider can know them, and who isn’t restrained by the Marquis of Queensberry rules that only Republicans are ever held to … if he can’t defeat the swamp creatures, then who among the very limited universe of possible alternative leaders could?

No. These are times and circumstances of biblical proportions, and for His own reasons God has raised up Donald Trump as our warrior-champion. Our duty as patriotic Americans is to keep a crystal clear focus on the enormity of the stakes we all face in this war against Trump and to do all that we can to prevent our common enemies from taking him down.

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