Joe Biden, right, and Barack Obama (Pixabay)

Joe Biden, right, and Barack Obama (Pixabay)

As vice president, Joe Biden helped craft the Obama administration’s guidance on campus sexual misconduct, which threatened to withhold federal funds from academic institutions that didn’t lower evidence standards for accused students.

Effectively, under the previous administration, the accused were presumed guilty. But Biden certainly doesn’t want that standard applied to himself, and neither does the institute at the University of Pennsylvania that bears his name, the College Fix found..

“No public official in America has been caught more often manhandling women in front of the cameras, including strangers and minors, seemingly oblivious to the ‘creepy’ optics,” said the website, which features news about higher education.

The College Fix said it’s been stonewalled by the Ivy League school for more than a month about why Biden’s name remains on the Washington-based Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement.

Penn has a double standard when it comes to accusations against prominent figures tied to the school, the website said.

When alumnus Steve Wynn, known for his luxury casinos and hotels, was accused of sexual harassment, it took Penn just four days to fully distance itself from him. The university removed Wynn’s name from a common area on campus and a scholarship fund, and rescinded his honorary degree.

Last month, former Nevada assemblywoman Lucy Flores accused Biden of inappropriate touching at a political rally. Similar allegations from other women followed, but Penn has been silent.

The College Fix said the university’s “tacit approval of Biden’s behavior even suggests a way for ‘creepy’ public figures to protect their reputations.”

“First, relentlessly advocate for guilt-presuming policies on sexual misconduct, from college to the workplace. Second, limit your questionable touching to situations in full view of everyone,” the website said.

“Earn the presumption of innocence by denying it to everyone else.”

The College Fix said Biden “has spent much of his later career convincing the American public that anything less than full acceptance of every woman’s accusation is rank misogyny.”

He became a “celebrity of the anti-sexual assault movement known as It’s On Us, which grew out of a 2014 White House initiative.”

Shortly after the deadly Charlottesville rally in 2017, Biden compared advocates of campus due process to the “Nazis” who rallied for white nationalism. He told student activists, the College Fix noted, to weaponize shame against administrators who might otherwise ask for evidence of sexual assault.

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