“The president is not being transparent …”

The coup plotters who sought to rid the country of its duly elected, non-deep-state president, Donald J. Trump, are finally getting their wish: More transparency.

With the Mueller Report and its “no collusion, no obstruction” conclusion already reduced to a doorstop for the various House Committees investigating other “they must be here” nefarious deeds deep in Trump’s past, such as his bulk toilet paper purchases for Trump Tower with an expired Costco membership, demands for more transparency were, well … maybe not the best choice.

One would think that the House, with it’s generous supply of entrenched criminals who are reelected every two years, would understand that in America the government needs evidence that a crime has been committed before you can rifle through one’s personal papers.

Fate sometimes gives us the things that we have eagerly sought after, but the package may arrive COD, rather than prepaid. So it is with coup plotters’ demands for greater transparency from the president. On Thursday, a favorite government worker departure date for the long Memorial Day weekend, the package arrived – COD. The president has given the attorney general complete authority to declassify the dirty coup plotters’ document trail.

President Trump’s declassification order will certainly result in greater transparency for the American public (likely in concert with the British, Italian and Australian publics). Classification of government documents has long been a necessary evil, but in recent years (or decades) it has become more evil than necessary. Yes, classification can conceal intelligence sources and methods, but it can also conceal criminal conspiracies by government officials who blithely depend upon it to keep their corrupt dealings secret from the public.

Did the House’s ship-of-fools actually think that the classification system would forever protect those plotting to remove the president by constructing their own criminal enterprise to accomplish that end? If they did, that alone is a measure of the entrenched levels of corruption we have been living with for decades, and gives real insight into Obama’s two-term administration, since his hirelings were the plotters.

Yes, transparency is a wonderful thing! Its benefits will only be lasting for our nation, however, if it is followed by accountability. That won’t come easily. Most criminals are stupid and easily caught. The coup plotters were a step or so above run-of-the-mill criminals. But they were, to quote one of them, “Extremely careless in their handling of classified information.” Their punishment will need to match the severity of their crimes.

They never thought Hillary would lose. Had she won, all the evidence of their crimes would have been safely locked away in a classified vault sealed with a big, fat presidential order – a secret memorial to the death of American freedom and the birth of Bush-the-Elder’s New World Order, a place where the “little people” would never again matter.

This Memorial Day, let’s remember not only the heroes who have gone before, but the good people who stepped forward when America fell to her knees. May God bless and keep all of them.

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