The following is from my friend in Venezuela. This is the truth of what is going on there. It’s a firsthand account from my friend who is living through the nightmare. It is dangerous for them to even write me, but the truth must get out.

Following was received from my friend:

Mychal, As the old adage states, “We are between a rock and a hard place.” … This dictator is not going away without international intervention of some kind. We already have numerous people involved here, but not the positive kind. Cuba, Russia, Iran, China, to name a few. They are here sucking up the goodies, but turning their backs on those here who need help so desperately.

The drugs that pass through this country, thanks to this administration, is making many lowlife outsiders very wealthy, as well as boosting the wealth of these criminal leaders here, which includes the top military leaders. Most of the leaders here came from the ghettos that surround most major cities, and they now have grown used to living “la dolce vita” and now expect that lifestyle without any interest in the people of their roots.

As this continues, the people now who are barely surviving are finally catching on to that fact and are turning their backs on these leaders who were once their neighbors, friends and family. I am typing by candlelight as our power went off about 30 minutes ago. There was a time in my life when having an evening by candlelight was special; now it has become just another sad evening. My battery is running low, so I will close and send more later with some pictures.

This is the image of socialism/communism that Bernie Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez et al. do not want you to believe will exist in America if they’re successful in foisting their political agenda on the nation. They can panhandle their brand of socialism and communism as being the best in the world, but at the end of the day, socialism is about government control and government ownership of your lives.

My wife recently returned from Cuba. She referred to the daily life of the people there as stunning and devastating. Every business regardless of size not only requires approval by the Communist government, but the government owns every business as well. There is no reward for incentive. Not one business is privately owned. Restaurants are a room in a private home or in the backyards of homes.

It grieved her listening to a Cuban staff member boasting of how well the Communist government took care of the people. The person boasted that all of the people get free medical care and free university and boasted that everyone receives $40 per month and 10 pounds of rice per month from the government. They were permitted to provide a controlled amount of food and provisions for themselves. Every facet of life from the womb to the tomb was government controlled and dictated.

The automobiles are from the 1950s, and the more creative of the mechanically inclined have adapted their vehicles to use parts from Russian automobiles.

While there she was told that the Cuban government had sent medical supplies, medicine and doctors to Venezuela, but the satanic dictator, Nicolas Maduro, refused to allow any medicine or medical attention to be given to the people; he had ordered none be provided until after the election.

This is his way of forcing the people to vote for him. Can you imagine anything more heinous than withholding medical supplies and medical attention as a bludgeon to ensure the people vote for him?

That said, I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that Obama did the exact same thing. He forced states into supporting his debaucherous Obamacare mandates, forcing compliance in having pedophile adults use public bathrooms with children and forcing open locker rooms in public schools. Obama withheld money for roads and infrastructure as a means of extortion to force states into complying. Even more heinous than that, the very Republicans who asked for our votes, assuring us that if we helped them secure the majority in both sides of Congress, they would put an end to Obamacare and such Erebusic prurient behavior and government extortion, immediately broke their promises when elected. After they were elected, they supported Democratic policies including Obamacare.

Take a good look at what Obama forced upon America in eight years with only the help of some Republicans. Think what will happen if Sanders, Ocasio, Beto O’Rourke, Pete Buttigieg, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren et al. have their way. Think what happens if Karl Rove is successful in using Romney and other socialist-leaning Republicans to undermine President Trump in 2020.

We cannot let our guard down. We cannot sleep or slumber. We must be on guard, and we must commit to stay vigilant even after President Trump takes the oath of office a second time.

You may not want to hear this, and you may choose not to believe what I am saying. But we are closer to Venezuela than most people can begin to realize. The only reason we are not Venezuela right now is because God spared us from Hillary Clinton.

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