Over 10 years in the making, the award-winning “WatchWORD Bible” – comprising the entire New Testament, word for word, on video – has been widely praised for bringing Scripture to life in an amazing new way.

It has sold nationally for $299.99, and WND has sold it for $199.99. But more recently, thanks to new manufacturing and distribution partners, WND has been able to make the entire 10-DVD “WatchWORD Bible New Testament” available to our readers for much less, selling many sets for only $79.99. However, TODAY ONLY, as a gift to our valued readers, WND is making the entire “WatchWORD Bible New Testament” 10-DVD set available – for the first time ever – for only $49.99!

That’s right, the same highly acclaimed DVD recordings that previously sold nationally for up to $299.99, are now $49.99 to WND readers – for one day only!

The “WatchWORD Bible New Testament” is the first true “Video Book,” a remarkable new art form for the information age: You watch it, read it and hear it all at once.

All 27 books of the New Testament are presented with dynamic text on screen, inspiring narration, thousands of scenes, special effects, original music and sound effects. The “WatchWORD Bible” is compelling to watch. Here’s a typical customer review: “I love these DVDs, I’m ordering them for everyone for Christmas. They are so anointed and captivating. I recommend leaving them on all day. Your family will hear and see the Word of God come to life.”

Instant chapter selection on DVD plus amazing quality allows God’s Word to leap from the printed page to your television and computer screens.

In addition to being a powerful new way to experience the Bible, the “WatchWORD Bible” also has uniquely valuable characteristics: Watch and listen while exercising, use it to fill your children’s minds with God’s Word, with seniors, the disabled, in churches, schools, Bible studies, in reading programs and for learning English as a second language, just to name a few added uses for this extraordinary biblical tool.

Every home, church and library ought to have The WatchWORD Bible New Testament!

Many of the 10,000 customers to date have written to rave about it.

• “I cannot put into words how excited I am about this product.”

• “It is so exciting for me because I have a few learning disabilities. It is hard for me to stay focused for any length while I’m doing school work or reading. Your DVDs are so easy for me to listen and follow along with my Bible.”

• “Thank you for obeying God’s call to create this masterpiece.”

• “I just bought the WatchWORD Bible on DVD last week and I loved it! It’s the best!! It got me so much closer to God and I thank you all so much.”

• “Never before was I able to sit and read the Bible for a long time in one sitting. When I watched the Bible DVD, I watched for three and a half hours non-stop and still could not get enough. The pictures, sounds, music and special effects were amazing and totally relaxing, not to mention spiritually educational.”

• “I was very impressed with the workmanship that went into making this available. The photography was astounding.”

• And this, from a senior pastor: “I have been so richly blessed by this method of receiving God’s Word daily in my life. I know the Holy Spirit is present as I view, hear and read the Word of God during my precious moments of devotion and reflection using the DVD WatchWORD Bible. … Parts of the Scripture I never understood have now come to greater understanding. The Holy Spirit has revealed Himself to me in such a powerful way.”

The “WatchWORD Bible” won awards in both the “MOST INNOVATIVE” and “MOST INSPIRATIONAL” categories at the New York International Independent Film & Video Festival.

See the trailer:

Experience all 260 chapters – totaling 26 hours – on 10 DVDs, using the best-selling Contemporary English Version translation – loved for being biblically accurate, reader friendly and highly understandable.

You will be amazed at the value of this offer: the “WatchWORD Bible New Testament” – all 27 books, all 260 chapters, totaling 26 hours on 10 DVDs. For a limited time, get the entire 10-DVD set for only $49.99 from the WND Superstore!

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