Church steeple (Pexels copyright free image)

Germany suffered 30 anti-Christian attacks ranging from theft to arson over the past two months, according to a watchdog organization in Europe.

The data was compiled by the Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination Against Christians in Europe, which documented 30 separate incidents between April 1 and June 10, reported Breitbart News.

Jihad Watch Director Robert Spencer noted the attacks “could have perpetrated by militant atheists, angry ex-Catholics, any number of people.”

“But such people have been in Germany for years, and there has not been significant vandalism of churches,” he wrote.

“However, Germany has seen a large influx of Muslim migrants in recent years, many of whom believe that it is an insult to Allah to say that Jesus is the Son of God (cf. Qur’an 19:35), and that Jesus died on the cross (which the Qur’an also denies at 4:157), and that representations of the human form are temptations to idolatry.”

Spencer asked: “Could it be possible that Muslim migrants are behind this epidemic of attacks on churches? Or would that be ‘Islamophobic’ even to consider?”

Breitbart reported many of the cases were vandalism, including an incident at the Lutheran Nikolaikirche in Caldern in which the attackers set fire to the hymn book and Bible at the altar of the church. Also, feces was left on a bench outside of the church and at the entrance.

About one-third of the incidents were thefts, mainly of donation boxes. In the St. Marien Catholic Church in Bremerhaven, offerings of between 300 and 500 euros were stolen.

Attackers attempted to set fire to churches in Ankum and Nordhausen, Breitbart said, but the blazes were extinguished and there was no serious damage.

In France, meanwhile, nearly 2,000 attacks have been carried out on churches in the past two years. Among them were a fire in Saint-Sulpice church in Paris, human feces smeared on a wall in Notre-Dame-des-Enfants in Nimes and the vandalization of the organ at Saint-Denis basilica outside the French capital.

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