Again? Professor of ‘psychiatry’ claims Trump ‘a danger’

By WND Staff


Psychiatrist Bandy Lee, a Yale faculty member who repeatedly and unashamedly has announced a psychiatric diagnosis for President Donald Trump even though she’s never met him, and who previously has condemned him as unstable, dangerous and in need of being locked up, is at it again.

This time the member of the Yale department of psychiatry gave an interview to a writer expressing blatantly anti-Trump comments at Salon.

Chauncey DeVega sets up his Salon article by asserting that the report from FBI special counsel Robert Mueller presented to the nation a set of “damning” facts: “Donald Trump obstructed justice. Trump and his inner circle both publicly and privately sought to collude with Russian agents to influence the 2016 presidential election.”

In reality, the report said there was absolutely no collusion, and Mueller brought no charges of obstruction.

Nevertheless, it was on DeVega’s premises that the interview was based.

From there, Lee explained how she convened a panel to evaluate Trump “based upon his behavior as detailed in the 448-page Mueller report.”

Wrote DeVega, “Their definitive conclusion: Trump is mentally unfit, a threat to the United States and the world, and as such should have his powers severely restricted while he is put under a doctor’s care.”

DeVega explained that Democrats in Congress have invited Lee to tell them all about her opinions.

Such attacks on Trump are becoming commonplace from Lee. In February, Lee revealed herself as the “public face” of a five-person group “devising a plan to create a medical panel that would screen the health of the president. … in the hopes of determining that President Trump is not fit for office.”

Last fall, Lee claimed she was contacted by White House insiders “who were ‘scared’ that the president was ‘unraveling.'”

As WND reported early last year, Lee said at that time that she had briefed Democrats and one Republican on Trump’s mental health status.

She charged then that President Trump’s state of mind could lead to “the extinction of the human species.”

She’s not alone among psychologists who, never having examined Trump, have openly violated their own “Goldwater Rule” and labeled the president with frightening diagnoses ranging from “psychotic,” “narcissistic,” “paranoid,” “hypomanic,” “emotionally unstable” and “delusional” to “psychologically isolated.”

Since Lee’s earlier statements were made public, the American Psychiatric Association released a statement urging psychiatrists to stop trying to evaluate Trump when they’ve never even examined him.

It said: “Arm-chair psychiatry or the use of psychiatry as a political tool is the misuse of psychiatry and is unacceptable and unethical.”

In the new interview, Lee frets that “These are scary times. This is a moment that we predicted as almost the end point, where we as a country might be at a place of no return. We have passed the point of being able to fix things ourselves. That is something that we see in patients who have mental disorders. They are able to see that something is wrong with them up to a certain point, but after a certain level intervention can only come from the outside. We have seen this in other countries.”

When DeVega characterizes “Trump and his regime” as “this malignant normality,” Lee agrees, boasting the phrase comes from brainwashing expert Robert Lifton in the foreword “to our book.” She said, “Trump would have remained psychologically disordered as an individual, and therefore not doing much harm, if he had just remained a private citizen.

“But because he rose to the level of president of the United States, this is why I and other health professionals have a medical obligation to speak publicly, to sound the alarm about this whole situation. Donald Trump is the center of vast levels of harm being done to a wide segment of society. This is a public health and public safety issue.”

Lee explained how she and her fellow “mental health experts” looked at the Mueller report and submitted a request to Trump that he allow himself to be interrogated by her panel.

“We have information that Donald Trump received our request but he did not respond affirmatively.”

So her panel issued its conclusions anyway.

She said there was “very little evidence” to show that the president can take information and advice, process that information “unimpeded by … false beliefs,” make sound … reality-based decisions,” or not put people in danger.

Lee then claimed she doesn’t involve herself in politics, just in medicine, and said her opinion is that the president is an “imminent danger to the country.”

“And the world.”

If people don’t follow her advice and contain Trump, she says, “there will be unacceptable levels of danger of him either destroying the United States or perhaps even human civilization.”

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