Californians should be so pleased with their new governor, Gavin Newsom. The guy who has described himself as “an Irish Catholic, a rebel in some respects … who has tremendous admiration for the Church” – has jumped on the abortion rights bandwagon with all fours. He’s not letting his Church’s teachings against the killing of pre-term infants get in his way.

Newsom has declared that California is the place for any woman to get an abortion when and how she wants it. In fact, he issued a proclamation promoting California’s support for abortion and that the state will pay for abortions for low-income people.

It’s against U.S. law, the Hyde Amendment, to use federal money for abortions. But state money? That’s OK. Gavin says, “count us in” – and the invitation is open for all women, from everywhere. As the line from “The Price Is Right” game show said – “Come on down!” Every unhappily pregnant woman from anywhere is welcome to California and the state will help her kill her baby and pay for it.

You will note he didn’t ask Californians if they want their taxes to pay for open-ended abortions for anyone from anywhere. They’ll just have to foot the bill.

Newsom is a man who does what he wants and everything else be damned. While Mayor of San Francisco, and married to his first wife, he declared that gay marriages would be recognized in the city – and of course that won him the gay vote and much publicity. He went on to issue those marriage licenses despite the fact that what he allowed violated then state law.

He moved up and on politically – having first started through the assistance of then San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, who appointed Newsom to the Parking and Traffic Committee. He moved on with Brown’s help to the Board of Supervisors and then was elected on his own.

There was no stopping him. Not only had his connections helped him with a successful business career, he was a good campaigner, and had money and charm. He was elected Lt. Governor of California in 2011 and then governor.

Along the way, he divorced his first wife, Kimberly Guilfoyle, with whom he had a Church marriage. Then he dealt with the bad publicity of admitting an alcohol problem and then an affair with the wife of his Chief of Staff. When he married again, it was to film producer Jennifer Siebel. The couple has three children.

Now that he finds himself on the state/national stage that California provides, Gavin Newsom has his eyes set on Washington. It’s no secret he has long coveted a senatorial seat and of course, the presidency. He has already taken some international trips – the first being El Salvador – focusing on the role of the U.S. (and California) in immigrant and trade issues.

Clearly, with his eyes toward Washington and with the growing emphasis on the issue of abortion in the upcoming elections, Newsom is openly going after what many might call “the baby killer vote.” How he handles this and what the impact might be on California and the state’s voters will be an important issue in his future campaigns.

In his proclamation on abortion, Newsom reaffirmed California’s commitment to protecting women’s reproductive choices, educated Californians about their “rights” to reproductive freedom, and welcomed women to come to the state to exercise that “right.”

He also urged the governors of other states to review their laws and to create new laws as necessary to ensure reproductive freedom for all women.

There’s no doubt the issue of abortion will be pivotal in upcoming elections, and of course it’s tied to money. A major player is Planned Parenthood, which reportedly spent nearly $6.5 million electing Democrats and targeting Republicans for defeat in the 2018 mid-term election. With so much at stake, there’s no saying how much they will allocate in the upcoming presidential race.

Never one to hide his aspirations, it’s clear to anyone with a clear view to realize that Newsom’s “reproductive rights proclamation” to Californians, and anyone else who will listen, is also his throwing down the gauntlet for his possible (probable?) participation in the upcoming election races.

Don’t rule him out. Gavin Newsom is nothing if not ambitious, and if it means doing it on the tiny bodies of aborted babies, he will do it.

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