Drug trafficking is an international crime. So is human trafficking. And then there are war crimes and banking crimes and gang crimes, notes Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

But now the team of international cops at INTERPOL are targeting the crime of producing bad food.

“Counterfeit and substandard food and beverages can be found on the shelves in shops around the world, and their increasing sale online is exacerbating the threat that food crime poses to the public,” said Paul Stanfield, who directs the policing of “organized and emerging” crime.

The international group said recently that its Operation Opson VIII confiscated more than $117 million worth of fake foods and drinks that were potentially dangerous to consumers.

A total of 672 people were arrested.

The offenses ranged from the mundane to the scary.

They included expiration dates on cheese and chicken that had been tampered with, controlled medicines that were found in drink products and meat stored in unsanitary conditions.

Those meat products were found in substandard conditions in Albania and in Cambodia, stockpiles of potentially dangerous seafood were found.

Counterfeit alcohol always in a top concern.

This time, among the nearly 19 million items taken out of shops and markets, improperly stored palm sugar also was found.

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