It has been amazing to me just how long a company, organization, or political movement can trade on its prior reputation amongst the public.

  • Family firms are purchased by conglomerates, which promptly outsource the work to China or move to Mexico. The product sells for years before consumers become disgusted with its quality.
  • Educational institutions that were founded by Christians end up, over time, banning Christian speakers as too controversial.
  • The Democratic Party, which during the formative years of the union movement earned its reputation as the party of the working man, now calls him and his family deplorable.

Still, significant numbers of Deplorables reliably voted for Democrats in the last election – and they will in the next election. What will it take to convince the Deplorables to vote in their own interest?

I think we are living through it. Today’s Democrats have abandoned the working man for every grievance group that can scrounge together three people. It’s not that Democrats simply have abandoned the working man and his family, they have turned on him with a vengeance!

It took the election of Donald Trump to expose this shift. By forcing the Republican Party to side with the working man, not only during the election rhetoric before the vote, but afterward in his actions as president, Trump has left the Democrats with their big tent of warmongering grievance groups as their only constituents. The only way they have to expand their party now is to expand the number and variety of grievance groups they serve.

The Democratic Party has reached critical mass. Unlike the working man they claimed to represent since the union-organizing days, their present grievance group contingents demand progress on their agendas. This “progress” usually includes legislation to make grievance groups beyond public criticism through hate speech laws or similar legislation.

In the past, when the Democrats’ big tent wasn’t quite so big and diverse, the party managed to keep the most frightening aspects of their diverse membership’s demands in the shadows, while projecting the image of the working man’s party to the public.

Now that agenda is becoming apparent to all. Democrats today are the party of:

  • Tax-supported infanticide (abortion up to and after birth);
  • Tax-supported sale of aborted baby body parts;
  • Open borders to facilitate child sex traffickers, illegal drug smugglers and illegal voters;
  • Ever-younger children facing mandatory “sex education” in our public schools to recruit them into the grievance groups that have taken over the Democratic Party;
  • Promoters of Christian and Jewish persecution, demanding people of faith bow to the Democrats’ grievance group agendas;
  • The servants of big tech, privacy eradication, Internet censorship and guardians of the tech billionaires who control the algorithms of digital life;
  • A popular-vote compact among states that seeks to disenfranchise rural and small-town Americans, but without the required constitutional amendment, which they know they could never attain.

For a look at how Democrat-controlled government works in practice, check this Daily Mail picturebook of downtown Los Angeles. San Francisco, Seattle and most major cities have similar accommodations. Most major cities also have entrenched Democratic politicians. Let’s just call it the Stockholm Syndrome, popularized by Patty Hearst.

No one can say they don’t know what a Democrat-controlled America would look like. The Democrats many and grievance-qualified legislators along with their candidates wiped out in the last election are now busy every day explaining to you exactly what Democrat control will look like.

Is the Republican alternative perfect? Hardly, but people who still love America can work with them. At least they are not bat-bit insane with the psychopathic lust for power that consumes today’s Democrats.

Behind Enemy Lines

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