(Image courtesy Pixabay)

(Image courtesy Pixabay)

The slaughter of students in Tiananmen Square protesting the communist government was the good old days compared to the current situation, according to a China expert.

“Thirty years ago today, the Chinese Communist Party massacred innocent students as they took a courageous stand for democracy of their country. They crushed any hope of political freedom in their land and left the rest of the world appalled, aghast at their brutality against the young and innocent,” said Reggie Littlejohn, president of Womens Rights Without Frontiers.

Her organization has battled China’s one-child and mandatory abortion practices for years. She’s now fighting its two-child restriction because it still imposes mandatory abortion.

Her comments were prepared for a Washington commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre.

“Today, 30 years later, we see that human rights in China have not improved, but have deteriorated,” she said. “In 1994, when President Clinton decided to de-link Most Favored Nation status from human rights, the idea was that if we were to increase our economic and trade relationship with China, they would naturally embrace our values and improve on human rights.

“That policy has proven to be an epic fail,” she said.

Reggie Littlejohn

Reggie Littlejohn

“Today, Tiananmen Square could never have happened, because China has no freedom of assembly. People cannot gather on the square. If just two people were to gather on the square and hold up a sign, they will be detained immediately.”

She said Chinese people are under a surveillance state in which millions of cameras monitor every face, and internet thought-police spy on written expressions.

Then there’s the social credit scoring system, which is used to restrict travel.

“They force people to study ‘Xi Jinping Thought,’ which indoctrination permeates schools, billboards, and smart phones,” she said.

She cited, from the Congressional-Executive Commission on China:

  • “More than a million Uyghur and other Muslim ethnic minorities are currently in “Political reeducation” concentration camps
  • “Experts believe that prisoners of conscience and religious believers are being executed to harvest their organs for transplant
  • “China exerts complete control and censorship of the media, jailing journalists who dare to tell the truth
  • “Xi Jinping has been consolidating his personal power. He essentially declared himself king, abolishing term limits so that he will remain president of China for life.
  • “Approximately 150 Tibetans have resorted to self-immolation to protest the repression of Tibet by Beijing
  • Underground Christians, both Catholic and Protestant, have undergone a tremendous persecution, with churches being bulldozed, crosses being torn down, pastors and priests jailed. In April, 2016, in Henan province, a pastor’s wife, trying to protect her church from being bulldozed, was buried alive by the bulldozer. She has become a symbol of persecution in China.
  • “The coercive enforcement of their population control policies is China’s war against women. The CCP has functioned as ‘womb police,’ declaring life or death over every pregnancy in the land. This coercion, begun under the One Child Policy, has continued under the Two Child Policy.”

Littlejohn noted the cost in lives of such government practices.

“It has been estimated that 65 million people died as a result of Mao Zedong’s creation of a ‘socialist’ China. This number makes him the greatest mass murderer of the 20th century. Yet even that number is eclipsed by the 400 million lives prevented by coercive population control. ”

On the issue of mandatory abortion and birth limits, she said it still is illegal for single women to have a child, third children are illegal and girls are selectively aborted.

“Senior suicide has skyrocketed 500 percent in the past 20 years, because the One Child Policy has destroyed the family structure in China,” she said.

Human trafficking and sexual slavery are pushed by the gender imbalance from multitudes of aborted girls, she said.

“Women’s Rights Without Frontiers is the only organization in the world that has boots on the ground to saving babies from sex-selective abortion through our “Save a Girl” Campaign. We are also saving destitute and abandoned widows through our “Save a Widow” Campaign,” she said.

Littlejohn said the most direct path toward a resolution would be for the U.S. to use the Global Magnitsky Act to sanction human rights offenders, freeze assets and ban their entry into the U.S.

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